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Could this work as a Werewolf Antagonist?

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    Originally posted by The Laughing Stranger View Post
    I don't think most humans have the clarity to know what they are serving. Ignorance is kind of an important driving force, I think. Most people would never come anywhere near an entropy-worshiping cult that turns its members into insane possessed monsters, so a lot of Wymish groups are more about indoctrination and misinformation than actual secrets. I think it is highly likely they would know some secret Wyrm lore, and maybe some nice recipes for sauté brains, but that doesn't mean they really know jack about the Beast Courts, other than sometimes monsters attack and wipe out individual congregations.

    If you want Applegate to be incredibly knowledgeable about the fera, go for it, but geographic proximity doesn't necessarily mean they know shit.
    ​ Applegate's mentor could've told him about the fera, or at least what he knew about them, which is probably not much. Applegate probably did not listen or heed his warning, thinking he was a bullshitter. His first real run-in probably happened years after he opened the Pagoda. He was in Japan shooting a tv special for his show in Japan with backing from his old mentor. He could've seen his mentor get sliced into pepperoni under the claws of a kitsune or a Asian Wereshark. After that, he knows about the fera but probably knows nothing about their culture or customs, but knows exactly how to cook most of them and prepare them as delicacy's for his " Audience".

    ​Also, the cult's name is Maurazu, or The Maulers in Japanese.


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      Originally posted by Killerclown View Post
      Not, let's discuss the cult. Since the cult is Asiatic in origins I got to think up a fitting name and figure out what exactly they worship.
      Cannibalism occurred in China. In ancient times, it was supposedly a form of exotic culinary for the upper class. There was also belief that eating human flesh had medicinal and longevity benefits. And even as late in the 19th century, Chinese executioners would eat the brain and heart of the criminals they dispatched. I doubt any of this was very prevalent, but there's been enough documentation to make it on a Wikipedia page. Good enough to use as RPG inspiration at least. And of course, there were all sorts of cannibalism incidents during Mao's Great Leap Forward and the Great Leap Forward which are well documented.

      If it were me, I'd have there be an ancient Wyrm cult devoted to cannibalism in China since ancient times that occasionally succeeds in getting it partially accepted, but later gets suppressed. However, it reformed during the Cultural Revolution, flourished in public briefly, and is now back at being secret. When Applegate spent some time in China, he ended up being inducted into the cult - having first eaten human flesh unknowingly, but afterwards corrupted.

      Rather than specifically worshipping any deity, the cult may simply be seeking the "additional medicinal powers" one gets from eating human flesh. It is common magic that what one consumes, one gains (if you want to brave, eat the heart of a lion, if you want to be strong, than eat bear meat, etc.). With their "book of ancient recipes" preserved down from ancient times, the cult simply knows how to unlock power/gnosis/whatever from eating human flesh and gaining all these wonderful (fomori) powers. They consider themselves superior to ordinary men, since after all mankind is their prey, so they must be superior. I'd pick a very simply name for the cult, like "the Caste" since they are a new caste of men. Even if this specific cult has its origins in Asia, I wouldn't make it too cultural specific even though the main legacy is in China. Obviously if they are lead by some Englishmen with a satellite TV show, they are branching out.

      You may want to go somewhat Lovecraftian and add some variant of Lovecraft's ghouls to the cult - they can be a underground subterranean monster that eats corpses. Of course, they prefer well rotted corpses, and not the dandified cooked and spiced fresh meat Applegate serves and consumes, but they would have certain things in common - notably promoting the increase of cannibalism in human culture.


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        Cannibalism is going to attract the agents of the Wyrm, so a group that practices cannibalism are going to end up becoming Fomori if they do not have a Demon Lord to protect them. Of course, becoming Fomori could be the goal of a cannibal cult, with each level of initiation representing a permanent decrease in Autonomy.