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  • Kinfolk equipment ideas

    always thought it was odd to see "Magical crystal ball" on the list of possibletys.

    If thats allowed, shouldnt this be allowed too?

    one of the fortune telling apps I see available on my smartphone that actually works?


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    A crystal ball is a tool, used for scrying amongst other divination type practices. However he person using it has to interpret what they see in the reflection.

    An app for whatever reason is just software that probably mines the data on your phone to make a prediction. No interpretation required.


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      another idea for equipment.

      Think hand drawn tarot cards, rare and expensive incense, etc, could help numina?


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        If your giving out bonus dice for better quality of tools sure , I always assume that sorcerers make all their own stuff.


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          another thing on equipment, when it isnt something thats illegal or blatantly magical, ideas why such items cant be bought with enough money.


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            Because the person in possession of said item won't sell it?


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              UUhmmmn for hand drawn Tarot cards, or top qualityy incense? Find it hard to think such things couldnt be bought.


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                Most sorcerers tend to make their own tools, components and what not.

                I took welding and carpentry classes in high school, the first things we made were tool boxes. I still have mine except I keep my bbq and grill stuff in them now.

                It's common in most occult practices to make or develop your own tools, now some rare herb that grows only in some remote part of the world can be bought for some extravagant amount of money but the basis are usually made during the apprenticeship.
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                  was able to buy real myrhh incense


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                    Good for you I guess?


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                      I could see an app work if it showed a random inkblot image. The app would just randomly fill in a mirror image of pixels which at that point would allow the view to interpret it from that point.

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                        oh curious? On aids to Numina? any ideas on things for other Numina, Sophisticated herbs for herbalism or healing,

                        would a deluxe Mortar and Pestle be worth a dice bonus?

                        How about for Reiki healing, anyway they could benefit?

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