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    Originally posted by Uniform Two Six View Post
    ‚ÄčThere might not be... but there absolutely should be. That's exactly how the Glass Walkers should keep track of Renown. An app running on a fetish smartphone that constantly monitors his/her relative renown (little "r&quot amongst the spirits at large. And (tongue-in-cheek) should be displayed in precisely the same abstraction terms as in-game on the character sheet.

    ‚ÄčBecause there should absolutely be a scene where the pack slips away from a burning Pentex warehouse and as they're sneaking away, there's a loud ringtone. Everybody, pissed off, stops and turns to look at the Glass Walker, who whips out his phone. "Sh**!!! I just lost three dots in Wisdom! What the f***!? Guys, I think we missed something. We need to go back, right now." And everybody is looking at him like "What are you talking about?"
    Little does the Glasswalker know, the reason why he lost the wisdom was because he forgot to turn his fucking phone on silent.

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      I think that technologically minded Garou would have created fetish pocket watches capable of recording temporary Renown within the last five hundred years.