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Can Ananasi be blood bound by Vampires?

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  • Can Ananasi be blood bound by Vampires?

    I wasn't able to find anything about that. The closest thing was in Changing Breeds W20 where it says:

    "Unlike Vampires, werespiders cannot employ blood to boost their Physical Attributes, nor do the gain extra bonuses from the blood of Changing Breeds or other supernatural creatures (though the may enjoy the taste and potency)"

    Does that imply they can't be blood bound or is that simply undefined? Any other places that mention anything about it?

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    It's mentioned in the breed book that if a spider drinks vampire blood they vomit it up because it's dead blood or something. It would be like you eating rotten food.
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      Ooooh, I must have missed that part. I guess that's somewhere in the IC explanations? It's been a while since I've read those.


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        Plus Ananasi Embraces always fail, most likely since Ananasa herself prohibits it. Then again, Ananasa allows Wyrm Tainted Spiders to exist and thrive to challenge and test her loyal children, so I can't see a reason for her stopping embraces... maybe they'd be too powerful? It might be a case of their strong from-birth connection to the blood making them strong enough that Ananasa would never allow it, since they'd mess with the Ananasi too much.