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Spirits and Koldun Sorcery

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    Originally posted by Demigod Beast View Post an Incarna, dwelling solely in the Aetherial Realm.
    Nothing you just said really stresses my points. Gaia is very hands-off and doesn't command things to happen. Her existence is what makes the myriad upon myriad of things possible in the cosmos, since spirit gives rise to physical substance, and the latter can't exist without the former in Werewolf. If an asteroid strike happens, it isn't Gaia who pulled the trigger, but more than likely an Incarna or Celestine of an applicable celestial body or collection of space rocks. It could also be a Wyrm-spirit enabling it, like the one that destroyed the original Celestine of the body to which Rorg was the planetary Incarna, which has never stopped Rorg from being presented as an asteroid-hurling cross between Leeroy Jenkins and Saitou Hajime seeking to Aku Soku Zan with respect to the Wyrm or sometimes possibly Weaver.


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      My view is that I'd let Tzimisce and other vampire mages deal with spirits who aren't necessarily Wyrm spirits.

      But most will because vampires are blood-drinking spirits of hunger and corruption.

      Just like werewolves are psychotic murder hobos.