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Stupid Spirit Tricks?

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  • Stupid Spirit Tricks?

    I've been mentally compiling a list of "things Garou use spirits for".

    1. The obvious Talon/Fetish Construction
    2. Learn Gifts
    3. Scouting. Send a spirit to a place you will attack
    4. Informants. Bribe a Local Spirit for information
    5. Advice?
    6. Kinfetches
    7. Pack Totems
    8. Set up sentries around Bawn/Camp/Etc
    9. Talk fire elements into burning shit up
    10. ???

    I've never played a Theurge, so the only time I used spirits in game was when my Fostern Glasswalker commissioned a Glass and a Steel sculpture for the Sept Lobby. I had a Theurge awake the elementals in the sculptures and they were added to the sept's defenses.

    Anyone else have any ideas or stories on how they used spirits in thier games?

    Hi, guys!

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    Lovers and breeding partners are also an option (as Fera can explicitly mate with spirits). Earth Elementals can bury objects beneath the earth while Water Elementals can hide objects at the bottom of the ocean.


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      IMO sept and tribe totems are criminally underused.

      Players often seem to view them as less important, because they don't provide any tangible benefits, but spirits talk. If you're a Child of Gaia Theurge and word starts to get around that you treat spirits like servants instead of allies, Unicorn's gonna be pissed. If Unicorn is pissed at you, the rest of your tribe is gonna start looking at you kinda funny. Suddenly your elders start being major hardasses when you screw up. You find yourself passed over for that sept position you really wanted. Your rank challenges seem suspiciously more difficult than other Children, and higher-ranking tribemates look for any excuse to silence your voice.

      Similarly, if you displease your sept/caern totem, you might find that spirits you encounter in and around the caern have suddenly become hostile; possibly even aggressive. You begin to find that spirit's brood doesn't want to deal with you. They start asking for ridiculous chiminage.

      There are a lot of roleplaying opportunities involving spirits that are missed out on because these types of spirits aren't given proper difference/credit.

      "Oh, well I don't lose any mechanical benefits for violating a tribe/sept totem's ban, so I don't have to worry about it."

      Oh yeah? Damn, it sure sucks that none of Unicorn's spirit brood will teach you Gifts anymore, huh?


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        Generally, have spirit NPCs that legit matter as much as your garou/human ones. Give them distinct personalities and want to connect with the garou.

        Even better if it is the pack totem. In fact, when using the pack speak, maybe the totem at times pipes up and joins the convo?

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