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  • Song of Unmaking in here!

    The Song of Unmaking is now up on DriveThruRPG!


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    Just finished. Brilliant. 10/10. I Think it's in top 3 best books I've read ever. Want more.


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      This is, without a doubt, the best WtA novel I have read. Easily better than Silver Crown and beating Poison Tree by a freaking landslide. Why is it? Because unlike so many WtA novels, Song of the UnMaking doesn't require you to figure out what rules of WtA the author is using or discarding. This was a huge issue for me in Poison Tree, where things like Rank, Gifts, Rites and such were sidelined heavily to the point where the Litany being used could have changed the story significantly.

      In Song of the UnMaking, you get Rage being treated as a real issue for garou, Rank matters, Litany matters and Gifts and Auspices are used to further the story. Challenges are a plot point and the crossover elements that are present are added beautifully.

      It is also a really good story, as well. With a theme of coping with a loss going bad.

      My gallery.


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        I absolutly agree! I was very suprised when it was revealed who truly was pulling the strings and how Wyrm worked. Second - One song stories - about Gaia's song, lighting rod salesman and others - they were truly brilliant. As above - crossover was very well done. And as GM I learned a lot about storytelling combat and gifts.


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          Hey out there, this is the humble author speaking. If you liked the book, would you mind going up to amazon and giving it a rating or a review? Even if you didn't buy it there or received it as part of the Kickstarter rewards? It helps spread the word. Thanks!


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            And reviews on DriveThruRPG help too!


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              Done! Amazon and Drivethrough. Book deserves full 5 stars. It was excellent! Congratulations. By the way, is there any chance on sequel?


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                Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Any future books would be up to White Wolf.


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                  I'm enjoying it very much so far. Left a review on Amazon. Thanks for all that you do, Bill.

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