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The Abyss - I hsave a request

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  • The Abyss - I hsave a request

    Hi. I'm asking for ideas. I'm making final adventure in my campaign. I sit down and was thinking a bit about few things, but after reading a lot of topics here I came to conclusion that most of you have better ideas than I , so I'm asking for a bit of help.

    My players pack have to go to Abyss and confront a member of hive avoiding at all cost Nightmaster. I know, it's propably impossible. Hive member was a member of players pack from the first adventure but he all along was traitor who put silver knife in alpa's back and run with stolen fetish. They need the fertish back. It might be the key to understanding the Phoenix prophecy or might be useless as well, but they have to take it back.

    I read a lot about Abyss and it's dwellers and I want to use this knowledge but... I'd like to make Abyss a hell of emptiness. A lifeless place, cold, dark, dead. Where all hope is lost and returning from it is very very difficult. I wish to confront players with a lot of choices with heavy consequences. I'd like to change their characters after tasting the Abyss.

    Here's the links to Agony (I warn - heavy Sh.t).. - seeing it I thought two things - I would like to never visit place such as this, second how to escape at all cost - and I'd like my players think the same way about Abyss.

    So here's the request - help me build it. Help me build the nightmare of Wyrm's Maw. Here's my first ideas:

    - I have three players and 3 npc are in the pack. I will kill the npc but I need to involve pc in their deaths. - For example thay are in the cave and there is a passage to unknown place. Forcing one way through need time. So after pc would squeeze through a hole there will be earthquake. Two of npc will fall in the abyss and only one could be caught and saved. One of pc will have to make quick choice and live with it to the end of his days.

    I'd like to do something like that. So please , give me some ideas

    Oh and I'd clike to confront players withe their choices in past sessions: here's the list of most important choices:

    - helping in overthrowing jarl in Get sept - they help poisoning jarl, it doesn't matter he was tyran

    - killing two kinfolks - one by mistaking him as agent of wyrm, two by allowing bane to posses him - heavy , serious litany transgresion but no one witness it

    - participating in destroying Black Fury caern by unleashing pure force of Wyld

    - saving Black Spiral Dancer , alpha bargained with him , alpha is Silver Fang, who have problems with his ancestor spirits and the BSD offered cleansing him of them , in spark of fury he killed Dancer but at first he said yes

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    In my games, the Abyss has some very alien Banes in it, but then again, I have my Abyss be the same Abyss the Lasombra tap into, so, you may not be thrilled with ideas I might have...!


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      I'm very interested in Your ideas. And the alien banes. Could you tell more?


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        Sure! My idea for the local Bane population is to stat up spirits that are no longer relevant to modern existence, then twist them into a barely recognizable form. A spirit of medieval motherhood, for instance, is now a 'mother that devours its own children'. A spirit of subsistence hunting is now a gluttonous mobile mouth that consumes and consumes and consumes and consumes. These Banes are left-overs, even to the Wyrm, and, as they no longer play a productive role in the Wyrm's war upon Gaia, they were inexorably drawn to the Abyss---and now're trapped.

        These things no longer have a functioning purpose, but they did at one point. Now, they're just refuse---and they know it. So, they just bitterly cling on, performing the same tasks, willfully ignoring the fact that it's all for nothing.

        This would include spirits of the Ice Age---once mountainous, but now reduced to gigantic non-Euclidean beasts locked, immobile, in Wyrmish ice; or spirits of various mammalian megafauna, now bloated and writhing with parasites.

        These spirits answer to chiminage no one remembers, teach Gifts that no longer serve a viable purpose and can no longer relate even to other Banes.

        As to the Lasombra connection---Tome of Secrets has a small selection of entities native to the Abyss---from alien knights to infant-like tumors to vortices that devour everything. It even has a new Background---Oubliette---and Abyss Mysticism rituals that require a properly made Oubliette to function.

        The entities the Lasombra truck with are parasitic, hungering for blood, upon which they grow fat and strong.

        All together, my idea paints a picture of an Abyss incomprehensible to mortal understanding, yet still following a bizarre internal logic.
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          The medieval mother concept is exactly what i need. Disturbing. Is there a connection between Lasombra and Wyrm abyss?


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            Canonically? Not explicitly stated, but, it is heavily implied.


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              I know nothing about Lasombra abyss. But connecting Lasombra and Nidhogg society it's quite possible that is the same place. I'll definitively use mother concept. Ice age banes would be well connected to Shattered Dreams campaign, so that's good idea.