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Garou Populations: Modern/Wild West/Dark Ages

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  • Garou Populations: Modern/Wild West/Dark Ages

    So in modern times the Garou are estimated at over 10k but under 20k, though W20 seems to be rather more generous with population Numbers, revised gave a breakdown. Basically Stargazers are rarest and may number at about 200, but once again W20 seems to imply they are more common then that, with Red Talons at about 400. Bone Gnawers are most populous and may be at about 2k, and Spirals are said to be bigger then any two Gaian Tribes putting them at 3-4k+. And generally populous tribes range from 800-1400. There are a few peculiarities, they seem to number sub tribes like Hakken as equal in size to their main tribes, but I really think Hakken should be more 400 Garou in size rather then the assumed 1400 of the main Shadowlords, otherwise you have Grandfather Thunder with more followers then rat, and the Wang Tong should have been listed along with the Boli Zhouhisze as a sub tribe, thus inflating Rat's followers to more towards 3k then 2k.

    But how populous do you think Garou were in Wild West and Dark Age times? I believe people said Dark Ages had a more balanced populous of something like 1 in 4 are lupus, rather the 1 in 10 of modern times. Dark Ages has smaller human populations then modern time, but what are we assuming Kinfolk are more populous and Garou are thus more numerous in an overall ratio with humanity? So are they actually about the same population of Werewolves as modern times, but humans are 1/6th the population of modern times? Are there less Werewolves, I doubt it because there is emphases that the Tribes were more numerous in ages past.

    And the Wild West, kinfolk such as the Native tribes of America were probably much more numerous. Do you think Garou were more numerous even though this is before the Post WWII population boom?

    Thoughts? Because I am doing a Wild West game I am rather unsure on Garou populations at the time compared to the present and the past.

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    There are as many as you want. I didn't set out making my game by having Garou equal some statistical population quota. I decided there was as a certain number of Caerns in a given geographical area (Texas), and then I roughly populated each one with a number of werewolves that corresponded to its caern level. Have the number of the Garou characters serve the story, not the other way around.

    Personally, I think it makes sense for there to be more Garou, at least initially, so that their populations can be devastated by inter-tribal war between the Pure and the Wyrmbringers.

    The Lupus question is a good one- most of the Garou in my game are homid, but every tribe has a Lupus minority (except Talons, hah). As ranching and herding became more common in the west, wolves became public enemy #1, and a whole lot of them got poisoned and shot. In a universe with werewolves to protect them, that might not happen quite as often, but it is sure to be a point of brutal contention between Garou of all stripes and the settlers pushing westward.


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      Well, I run generous numbers, so I general have the Garou Nation being 15k, with another 15k in the Beast Courts and 7.5k divided among the Ahadi, BSD, Ronin, etc. Garou numbers have remained stable because of reincarnation in my games, so their numbers are subjectively low because of rising human populations (×5 since Wild West and ×30 since Dark Ages).