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  • Werewolf story ideas?

    Might soon be starting a Werewolf chronicle. Other than the plot hooks thread here are there any collections of story ideas elsewhere I could mine?

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    Originally posted by shadryx View Post
    Might soon be starting a Werewolf chronicle. Other than the plot hooks thread here are there any collections of story ideas elsewhere I could mine?
    Local news is your inspiration. Anything weird in local news? Clearly something Supernatural. Any businesses buy large tracts of land or in financial trouble? Wyrm Territory.


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      Walk in your town, take a note on the strange places you see, then visit those places at night, would you visit them at night time ? If not, why ?
      Take a walk on a foggyor nowy day, special weather days make the surroundings look bizzare and otherworldly, be romantic and imagine wolves running in these places, why Garou tread there ? Is it to uproot corruption or for another reason mystical ?
      Study the history of your place and if it is related with other places-towns, then study these towns, make a trip and check for your self about what magnetizes your eyes, always imagining and fantasizing your heroes in these places.

      Garou in homid are like all the other people, they have the same needs and can do nothing to change their surrounding events no matter how they try because there are powers running, political or social, that prevent them from doing so,
      Who are these people who decide the fates of these places ? With who are they related ?
      Mix reality with fantasy.
      Garou in lupus are like all the other wolves, they can't affect the world, ot at least they are part of a whole group called ecosystem an they are but a small cog in the machine, give mystical meaning to this. Wolves are more simple creatures but they are in some ways more important than any man can be, at least their lives are more exciting if more dangerous, increase the tense of a wolf's life in such way to make him struggle to survive but not to the brink of extinction, add danger at the presence of man, then add the wyrm, every death in nature feeds it, when corruption happens to nature wittingly or unwittingly makes it breed ''naturally'', the wolf is in danger and has to move away in order to survive, where will he go ? Where is tho closest area ?
      Study local wilds.

      Hey everyone would like to have a wolf and feel important in having one, boasting to friends and gals. Garou are themselves the wolf even in homid, people are attracted to them for the better or for the worse, people of the oppossite gender want to own them eroticaly and not just be with them, friends want to attract their notice more thatn anyone else and may compete with other friends in order to do so, not to mention they will get jealous if you make new friends. Even ugly Garou attract human gazes upon them, an ugly wolf afteral is still a wolf and inspires awe in a different manner. On the other side of the coin the same can happen in the wolf world, the man in the wolf can mark him as exotic and make females desireful and males hateful (yes animals can hate too), if he/she is not high in rank may be in danger.

      Watch movies, any kind of movie, and take elements not the entire movie.

      Read werewolf the apocalypse supplement books.
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        Over 100 from the old White Wolf forums - hopefully there's something good in there!

        Craig Oxbrow
        The Trinity Continuum freelancer


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          Apologies for the Necro.

          Take your favorite horror movie or book and adapt the story to Werewolf.

          ​House of Wax: The set-up a kinfolk family has not arrived at the Sept the characters are assigned to find them, depending on backgrounds they could be relatives.

          ​The pack discovers the family is traveling the scenic route from the Sept elders. A trip along the route finds the car hidden in a junkyard just outside of a town. Large billboards along the way advertise a local waxwork. If the characters investigate the car they find nothing wrong.

          Exploring the small town finds the local dinner closed and a surprising lack of business and people. In fact the only place that shows signs of life is the advertised waxwork.

          ​The waxwork does not register to Sense Wyrm, unless you want it to. The owner might or might not depending on what ypu want to use as a villain.

          ​Villain that could be used. Human serial killer, Gore Hound, Corrupted Mage.


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            I usually look at what are contentious issues in the areas near where I live. A common story in America is a small town dying because the industry that once supported it has gone and the people who live there usually overlook the damage that may have been done to the health of the people and the environment if it meant jobs. I ran an entire campaign where a charismatic, former Gaian garou BSD came to Butte, Montana with the promise of industry, jobs, and revitalizing the town and was a beloved figure for the human townsfolk. Have a situation where the Garou may be saving Gaia, but still hurting the humans and possibly Kinfolk around them with their actions.


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              There are the Mercy Thompson novels by Patricia Briggs. How would your pack react to their Alpha romancing a nuwisha conjur woman? In the Mercy Thompson series the Fay are out in public and scaring the crap out of everyone: humans, werewolves, vampires, and magicians alike. It's like Fay the Dark Ages crashed into the modern world. How do your players react to the new political reality? There are also government sponsored hunters to deal with.

              ​Werewolf the Apocalypse leans toward a shamanistic point of view. See if you can get ahold of a drumming CD. If you can, then put it on, give it a listen and imagine stepping through your bathroom mirror into the middle world. Check your local shopping centers and malls to see if there are any ghosts or spirits hanging around. Once you've seen for yourself you can have your players roleplay taking care of it.