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Remain active roll various questions

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  • Remain active roll various questions

    Hello, I’m the GM for my first WW game and I’ve a few questions on the “remain active roll” after reading the 20th book.

    1) Do the characters roll when they reach crippled or when they go beyond crippled? Does it matter if the damage is basing, lethal or aggravated?

    2) Do all changing breeds with Rage have the right to this “remain active” roll? Or do each breed use the Rage differently?


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    1) Characters roll when they take more damage beyond Incapacitated, not crippled. Basically, a blow that if lethal or aggravated would be fatal. No, it doesn't matter which.

    2) Other Fera with Rage use the rules in the core book unless stated otherwise. So unless the changing breed in question has a section saying they can't roll to remain active, if they have Rage, they can.


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      According to the W20 changing breeds book, ghurals can use rage to gain strength, stamina and to gain additional health levels.

      It doesn't say ghurals can't use rage to remain active or to gain additional actions.
      Does this mean ghurals can use rage to gain additional actions, since the sourcebook doesn't state otherwise?


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        I don't have the wording in front of me, but Rage to gain Strength/Stamina/Health has usually been considered to replace extra actions.