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How do Shifters react to Mummies?

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    In general, early editions were about combining all the game lines into one whole master game, and there were lots of hooks in each game to justify collaboration between supernaturals, and even games with PCs from different games. That ended in the Revised era for a variety of reasons. A big one was that each game had mechanics that didn't comply with the rules of the other games, and it proved too difficult to reconcile. But I think the major reason was that each line developer had very specific ideas about their game line, and they didn't want to cooperate with the other developers in those cases when there was a dispute between lines on how something should be handled. Thus those elements were minimized, ignored, or even discarded.

    So he best advice is whatever that sweet spot is for your games - splendid isolation, gonzo crossover, or any shade inbetween - do it.