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Shadowing prey rules question for other GMs and or playgroups

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  • Shadowing prey rules question for other GMs and or playgroups

    so something came up in my playgroup recently. Shadowing prey, the section in the W20 book says that the person being shadowed must roll five successes once someone fails a stealth+ dexterity roll. My question is this, in resisted rules section it says that resisted actions each players successes count out the persons being resisted rolls until someone rolls the required number of successes to win the resisted action. In terms of shadowing, if there is one person/prey being shadowed, how can the person being shadowed score the five needed to realize its being followed by five people? Under these rules it seems impossible, esp in a 1 vs five situation where say a deer is being stalkd by wolves, etc. Can someone elaborate? I would really like some help on this part of the rules and how to do a perception + alertness resisted roll versus five dex + stealth. Thank you very much for the help!

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    I don't think this is a case where you're supposed to pool the pack successes. By logic, five people shadowing a target at the same time have an higher chance to stand out and be noticed, so you should consider their successes individually and make the target aware as soon as he scores five against one of them. They should also have some kind of malus for crowd-following him (like, +1 difficulty for every two extra garous involved).
    Unless their numerical advantage is used for a police-like tag tailing, with the hunters switching place in the trail (because in that case they could even earn bonus dice).