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Character you'd love to play, bit know you can't

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  • Character you'd love to play, bit know you can't

    I think the title explains itself pretty well. Basically, do you have any character concepts you'd LOVE to play, but getting them through to a group/MUSH/forum/chat would be like pulling teeth?


    The Seeker of the Cure- A character who looks at the Nation and goes 'nope, this isn't for me'. Instead of becoming a ronin, however, they seek out the rite of the Stolen Wolf to perform on themselves (or have it performed on them). Basically, a character that hopefully offers other players the chance to really think on what the Nation asks of them and is it justified.

    The Sabotage- A similar concept, but one that instead takes an active role in dismantling the Garou Nation. Not for the Wyrm, but for the safety of local people. One that is not dumb and tries their best to protect humanity from their fellow garou, so anonymous tips to the police on a garou who killed someone in frenzy. Ratting the sept out on animal trafficking with their wolfkin and exposing spousal abuse of a kin. Another 'hey, do you guys REALLY wanna fight for these people?' character.

    However, the point of both is that they are to be changed or challenged. They aren't meant to be antagonists as much as contrary forces to the nation loyal garou. Given how a typical WtAgame behaves, however, I think they would be just distruptive.
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    I'd allow both of these.


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      I'd love to play a Hatar Ananasi but I've never been in a group where that was remotely allowable.