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  • Ananasi First Rites

    Old stuff,

    First Rites
    Before Ananasi are released into the world, the teachers
    that have been brought together to show them the way
    of Ananasa take the time to teach them the rites that they
    will need to establish themselves as a part of the Great Web.
    These are not complicated rites, but they are designed to
    grow with the spider as she finds her way on Earth.

    New stuff,

    The Ananasi share quite a few rites with the Ovid,
    especially Mystic rites. The Ananasi also have a number
    of their own rites, taught during their time of Umbral
    instruction, or whispered to them by Queen Ananasa
    inside of their Sylie. One rite stands above all others in
    importance, however.

    So, the Rites background for Ananasi, do they get any rites for free to start with? Like the first rites? And then all the other rites are initially bought with background dots? This has always confused me.

    And adding to this, how does an Ananasi learn a rite if they First Rites are already known? I understand the Triumverate Rites would be learned form the Queen or from another Ananasi, but the First Rites, which every Ananasi was taught to begin with, if they require the dots, then how are they learned if not all of the First Rites are known (and there are more than 5 levels worth of First Rites.)
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