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Ananasi Inversions of Gift Ranks

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  • Ananasi Inversions of Gift Ranks

    Something I noticed, Jump went from a rank 1 gift, to a rank 3 and Cling went from rank 3 to rank 1. Sure, I think Cling is much more in keeping with a spider, but so is jumping. Let's face it, spiders are much better jumpers than wolves. And definitely much better clingers than wolves. So...why in the hell is Cling a rank 1 garou gift (even if by a different name?) And why is jump so much harder for a spider now? These seem to be the only two that have switched or been altered. Honestly, I would have put them both at rank 1, and the garour have Great Leap at 3 and Cling at rank 3 as well. After all, that seemed to be how things went, the Gifts worked in tandem with natural abilities, not overcoming them.