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  • A Peculiar Get of Fenris

    I’m working on an idea for a character, and am getting some help with it.

    However my question pertains to his nature. He’s a young Get of Fenris, and his Demeanor is Soldier, however up next is the fun part. His Nature is Cub. Would such a thing be possible while playing a Get of Fenris?

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    Everything is possible. He could be one of those who was raised to grow up very fast, but at his heart he is hopeful and filled with numinous wonder.

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      It's fine as an initial Nature. It's simply someone who hasn't experienced combat yet, and is therefore really naive and innocent. Instead of really understanding what the tribe is preparing him for, he's probably romanticized it and created a false bravado. But that Garou will encounter reality soon, and he's going to learn about the real face of war. This isn't unusual - practically every war story/memoir is about the difference between what the person thought combat would be like versus what he actually experienced the first time. It is shocking, brutal, and strips away any illusions about combat very quickly.

      However, that Nature will likely have to change very quickly after that happens. That is either going to happen by the character himself as he discovers what kind of person he truly is, or if he stays as a Cub nature too long and it gets revealed to others, then the tribe is going to take a harsh view of him and treat him VERY badly as someone who is shaming the Get. It'll also cause his Demeanor to radically change since that facade will not last long after his Nature is exposed.

      So you are either preparing your character for a brutal coming of age story where he has to overcome his initial fear and naivete, or your character is in the default role of a typical villain or foil - an arrogant blowhard whose cowardice is revealed, and who then has to come to terms with that and perhaps eventually redeem himself.

      So I think you need to do a lot of thinking, as the first big combat encounter will likely lead you to having completely new Nature and Demeanor. And that will set the stage of what is to come for the rest of your character's life. If that encounter does not change his Nature, and it stays as a cub for a while, he'll be cast among the omegas and treated poorly by the tribe, and if he remains that for too long, expect exile as a ronin as the Get won't tolerate someone shaming the tribe like that.

      If the character was from another tribe and had a different Demeanor, then there are different ways that personal story might go. But given your set up, the initial premise can't last too long, and you'll need to make choices.


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        Black Fox He’ll have experienced combat once or twice before, and he’s coping with it as best as he can.

        He’s not a coward, but he is naive and child-like under the surface. So, as long as he doesn’t get himself killed, I guess it would be a coming of age story.


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          You monster, you're recreating Scrappy Doo!



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            I think Black Fox is being overly harsh here. The write-up for Cub in W20 is something a Garou could keep for a long time even in war.

            What really puts the Cub Archetype to the test and leads to change is when the Garou faces expectations of leadership and responsibility. That's the weakness of the Cub. As long as someone else is calling the shots for them, the Cub can remain so. And Garou society is full of people that will gladly lead someone who wishes to be lead. The difference between a Conformist which is similar in this sense, is that the Conformist is a supportive character that avoids the lead to assist, while the Cub avoids the lead selfishly; this is very clear from their WP regain conditions.

            So the question of how soon the Cub will need to grow up is contingent on either circumstances leaving them with no choice but to take responsibility (esp. repeatedly or for a significant duration), or when someone decides they need their training wheels taken off and forces them to operate on their own (very likely to come up in Rank challenges esp. at Adren and higher).


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              Find a Shadowlord packmate then you'll never have to do that pesky "leader" thing even when people expect it of you.


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                With conditioning, general modern era or some personal issues, someone could always see the world through the youthful lens; it's just a game, just like the computer game, and not experience the cognitive dissonance that they are killing real human beings...

                With a Werewolf killing monsters rather than "People" if could last much longer than in real life soldiers.
                Especially since regeneration makes a lot of the damage "not real" or not real enough to stop thinking that it's all a game


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                  A good leader would probably love to have a pack mate who is happy to be a good soldier and take orders without challenge, so I don't think there's anything nothing wrong with your character remaining a Fostern his whole life under good leadership, but if he develops ambitions for a major sept office or a high rank, he'll have to sacrifice his Cub nature. On the other hand, if he refuses to accept responsibility when it's offered to him, that'll look bad and mght cost him some honor.