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Totem costs question, HELP

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  • Totem costs question, HELP

    I need to know how to charge my players, the description of totem costs are confusing to me.

    Do i need to bill them all 5 points each for a 5 point totem or can they each put in 1 point in the background at character creation?

    Illuminate me about this please

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    A totem cost is the total cost paid by the pack and not a cost per individual.

    In fact, if an individual which to buy a totem all by themselves the need to pay 3 extra points IIRC (and I believe it was in the Revised player's guide)).

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      As Boneguard said, Totem points are pooled by the pack. However only pack members can add to it unlike general pooled Backgrounds which could be improved by other characters (such as PC Kinfolk). So if you have five PC Garou, and a 7 dot Totem, you need seven dots of Totem between the five, though each member needs at least one dot to gain the benefits of being in the pack. If you have more than 7 points between the characters, you get to spend them on various improvements to the Totem.

      Personal Totems (where one characters buys it all themselves) have some unique drawbacks. In Revised, they cost double the value. In W20 they decided the drawbacks were enough, and they cost the same as pack Totems.


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        Yes it's definitely a common pool contributed to by the pack. The storyteller can also take into consideration that the totem will notice if some pack members are "spending" more on the totem than others.