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Apathy of a Caern

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  • Apathy of a Caern

    Okay, I put a caern on Strawberry Hill in Golden Gate Park. It is dedicated to Unicorn, the alpha is an old Rank 5 named Knows-When-to-Fight. Something has happened turning the three packs there completely apathetic. The caern is protected by....Garou, Kinfolk, mere mortals (police, security, etc.) So of course, apathy is there. The Caern is so well defended that when a Nexus Crawler was nearby, no one did anything.

    There is an incredibly powerful mage (and an army of changelings) in the area. The mage does not go around claiming the caerns or freeholds (he has one of his own) he instead is focused on keeping the veil/masquerade/whatever maintained. He doesn't care what the factions do so long as mortals are not put in the crossfire. This of course has led to stagnation as well.

    I'm about to have this apathy challenged. With all this, I'm considering having this caern and the avatar of Unicorn, be so subtley corrupted by the Weaver that the spiritual influence of the city has caused the sept itself to stagnate.

    Any thoughts? I am looking for more intrigue.

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    Well, you could always have Sept of the Western Eye just across the Gate get involved somehow. Most of the Garou there are CoGs so they might have some rather stern thoughts on an avatar of Unicorn getting Weaver-tainted.


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      Apathy could easily be interpreted -- probably should be interpreted -- by other Garou as a reason to take over the caern and do better with it. If nothing else, the fact that the caern is rather safe in the middle of Golden Gate Park means the sept should be out in the city attacking the wyrm. It's not enough just to keep your sacred place safe: Garou have an obligation to take the fight to the wyrm, and if they're not doing that, it'll be extremely bad for their reputation. Other local septs should be challenging them over their apathy.


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        That's the thing. The PC's (all cliath) are frustrated by the lack of action. Of course, two of them didn't do anything when the alpha ordered them to do something but weren't punished for not doing it. (those characters haven't played since about a month after that) There have been techno agents beginning to swarm. A rank 4 glasswalker theurge was killed (he was the second in command) in an explosion investigating a microchip one of the fairies found. The sept has done nothing.

        All of this is part of the plot that something has happened due to the weaver's influence in the area. Though the fairies bring lots of wyld, the tending to the park has so structured the wyld and Unicorn's peacefulness (the caern is a calm caern, rage rolls have +2 to difficulties) that complacency and apathy (if you aren't moving, there isn't as much chaos) is beginning to take hold. The pattern spiders are slowly taking over in the area and violence in the area seems almost impossible...until the technocracy showed up when a black fury started to do her job and was taken (news reports have her as a gunner who was mowing down people). And still the sept does nothing.

        I'm not complaining about the sept not doing anything (it's part of the metaplot i have going on). I'm just really interested in how things would look in the umbra (i have the caern being more calcified and more webbing showing up, but the wyld energy is still there, just enough to give creativity of artists a seed to grow). And I'm interested in other affects that might happen in the caern. Yes, the Sept to the north is coming to investigate.


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          Seems a moot point now (no pun intended). They discovered that the alpha was struggling to overcome being a drone.