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Strengthening a Caern

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  • Strengthening a Caern

    Okay, other than Caern building, is it possible to strengthen a caern after it has gotten weaker?

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    The Moot usually needs to be held once a month and if five Gnosis per Caern level are sacrificed and the Rite is successful the caern is 'recharged' for normal use over a month. So, if the Gnosis sacrifice was significantly higher over an extended period of time, the Caern level could possibly increase.

    Also, Geomancy/Feng Shui, as the skill in the Stargazer TB 1st Edition, could manipulate the energies and therefore lead to an strengthening. But no specific rules are given, only a vague description of the skill.


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      Thanks. It seems that it should be possible, especially if a caern could weaken.... I might use some ideas from another game all together that has humans changing their perceptions of such a place as being part of how things are weakened and strengthened.


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        Well, that is very Mage:the Ascension-esque. Caerns often being in remote areas and hidden from humans might be different. A certain mountain cave might be a caern of visions, but the general population might fear the mountains and the surrounding woods, because the instinctively fear the garou living there and run rampant there during the Revel-part of the monthly moot. So the perception of the place is rather grim, although there is no rational reason, while the place might in fact be beautiful and insightful to the garou and kin who go/live nearby there.