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Soaking Lethal in Breed Form

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  • Soaking Lethal in Breed Form

    Hello guys and gals, I was wondering what should be the best rule to keep for soaking lethal damage in breed form.
    There is a contradiction on this rule, while core book states that breed form does not soak lethal, Changing Ways though state otherwise.
    That was the same back in Revised edition in comparison to Dark Ages Werewolf.
    What is your favourite rule ?
    Thank you.
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    The rules each give a different feel to a Werewolf game, so I'd just use which one is more appropriate to the chronicle I want to tell. The "can't soak" makes everyone's characters* more vulnerable in breed form, which is fine for a combat light chronicle, while "can soak" allows the characters to be ambushed in breed form and have a reasonable opportunity to turn into furry chainsaws and puree their enemies.

    *Except metis, but they have plenty of other disadvantages.

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      It also changes greatly the behaviour towards silver weapons.


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        I've always said the lethal for garou is soakable in all forms. It's a bit easier to keep track of and more importantly represents their supernatural nature.


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          I don't like the rules here, especially in combination with the different damage dealing rules.

          I get the idea behind it, but it is ultimately more complexity than it's worth in pay-off. Having to remember who soaks what in which form just isn't necessary. Homids and Lupus already lose full regeneration in breed form to give their breed form a drawback. I don't have a problem is the Homid form can only soak bashing, but it's an issue if Homids in Homid soak lethal differently than Metis and Lupus in Homid. Some exception to this for silver is OK, because silver is supposed to be special.

          So I'd either go for everyone soaks Lethal in every form (simplest option), and the only special rules are for silver. Or the Homid form only soaks Bashing, and the Lupus form soaks Bashing and Lethal if only to toughen up wolves a bit so play fights in Lupus aren't stupidly deadly.


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            I prefer lethal being soakable in every form. The alternative would make silver behave very strangely - you're supposed to go into your breed form where it doesn't deal unsoakable aggravated, but then it deals equally unsoakable lethal which you could regenerate by shifting out of breed form again. That... doesn't sound like behaviour that should be rewarded by the rules.

            Also, IIRC the W20 corebook is already internally contradictionary there. I seem to recall that there's both a place where Lethal is declared soakable and one that states the opposite.


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              Yup, indeed soaking lethal in breed form makes rules more simple, thank you all
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