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    Originally posted by Heavy Arms View Post
    The Totem rules are an unclear jumble that is endless frustrating because of things like this.

    I think the most logical reading is that you can't use a Totem to exceed your trait maximums unless it says others. Otherwise Totems that say they can exceed it don't make sense. Of course it's important to differentiate between Totems that grant dots in a trait or bonus dice to a trait, since bonus dice aren't capped, but wouldn't count to static uses (so a Totem that grants +1 dice to Strength roll can be used if you have Strength 5, but it doesn't improve your Feat of Strength base rating).

    There's no clear RAW for W20 at least (I think Revised might have said something in one of the FAQs about this).
    I always considered this as inconsistent wording on the authors side, compounded by the copy pasta from former editions. I don't think they actually intended for the bonuses to be so strangely specific. Most of the rules in Werewolf are simpler then that. I guess this is something that's down to the ST, but I've always concluded that the bonuses would allow them to go over the normal maximums - it's not like it breaks anything in the game...

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