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    Originally posted by Yakecen-Sings View Post
    I'm still combing through books and making additions. Once I've finished with Garou territories, I'll see about Fera. The map is intended as a visual aid for storytellers and players alike, and all location entries should have their source cited so you know what book to open to learn more about that site. If there a book or page number missing, please let me know so I can fix it.
    Hi there again. I find another caern worth mentioning. There are not many informations about it though. It's an old Black Spiral Dancer's caern, inactive in 1848, located in Wandsworth Town, London. I believe it's somewhere around here judging by description


    Source: Giovanni Chronicles III: The Sun Has Set p. 50

    Warrior of the Rainbow
    Saint among the sinners
    Pure among the dirt
    Loser among winners