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Silver Fang Gift- Unity of the Pack

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  • Silver Fang Gift- Unity of the Pack

    While the gift talks about packs being guided by the Silver Fangs, it doesn't mention that the Fang must be the pack's leader for the pack to gain the benefits of the gift (+1 die to pack tactics). Would people allow the gift to stack if the pack contained multiple Silver Fangs in it? i.e. a pack of 5 Silver Fangs each with the gift gain a +5 to pack tactics? It doesn't specifically state the gift does not stack.....

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    I would say that the Gift only works once regardless of how many Silver Fangs are in the pack. If the effects stack, the bonus ends up becoming too big very quickly.


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      As a counter point - Surely a single Tribe pack (especially Silver Fangs) should be able to be more unified by a gift from (Falcon?) than a rag-tag mob with one member of Royalty ordering them to get their S**t together?