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  • New Corax criteria ?

    So, I read parts of the Corax Breedbook and it seems to me, that basically any person can become a corax if two Corax (one of each breed) perform the Rite and one sacrifices 3 Gnosis permanently. And sure, three Gnosis is a lot, but it can be regained with experience and time so...

    But what are the prerequisites two Corax would look for in any candidate ?
    Does the candidate have to be an infant ?
    If so, wouldn't it make it hard to discern any character traits the teenage/adult corax would have ?

    Obviously, Changelings, Mages, Shapechangers don't qualify, psionics are possibly a no go, too.
    But what about wiedlers of true faith, hedge wizards, kinfolk, kinain ?

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    Hello Heinrich!

    Nay, he doesn't have to be an infant, and I *think* the Corax would choose a candidate from adolesence to young adults (to maximalize the integration).

    About the "special" cases. The Breedbook states it's a bad idea to hatch anything but they folk.
    But: werewolf can have True Faith, so it - technicaly - would be an option. But if the candidate's Faith opposes the Rite, it's an other matter.

    Hedge mages: The Sorcerer Revised speaks aout Skindancers who were from this bunch and retained their powers. I'd handle it paralel.

    Kinfolk: Free to go.

    Kinain: Okay, but I'd took away Glamour, Arts and Realms, but would leave the other stuff. - They are incompatible with Gnosis. Or if I'd be in a darker mood she'd die horribly / jump into the hole as the Rite smashes her Fae Heritage. But I'd use the option, because the CtD Player's Guide (If I remember correctly) states that beeing a Kinain is compatible with the Prodigals.


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      Okay, thanks.

      I never realized before, that coarx (much like Resurrection-era-Mummies) are kind of turned into a supernatural being from being normal human/raven and, in case of the human, having already a developed persona. For Garou there is always the "you were born this way and the First Change brings an answer to the longings, fears, awkwardness and uncertainties you had as a human"-aspect. But Corax can be totally happy humans, until two Corax descide otherwise and start the Rite and give the egg time to be ready and then "boom" the human is merged with a spirit part, much like a fomori, turning him into a Corax.

      Or am I missing something ?


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        Yes, but it just be my viewpoint: An able-minden Corax should choose her Kinfolk. And those Kinfolk (if not comming from some forgotten line) work hard to, if choosen, become a Corax. After hundreads of years and continual good-minded brainwashing they could and should feel it like the best promotion ever.

        And it IS: Ability to flight! Experiencing the Umbra! Receiving Gifts! The spirits suddenly start to respond & even respect them. They receive the knowledge of rites. And so on.

        Of course a kin can feel that she don't want to experience the Change. But in this case, I don't think the Corax would force it.

        (The Ratkin would. Fever and madness are the way to unshackle the mind! If you'd like to experience the darkest aspects of the Change, go to them!)


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          I just read through the W20 Kinfolk section for Corax and found some Information that might have changed from what I read in Corax Breedbook.
          Specifically, that the Person whom the Rite of Spirit Egg is performed on must bein in the Umbra, must be willing and that only a Corax of the opposing breed must perform the Rite.

          With that there is a mention, that "earning their wings" can be a motivator for Corax-Kin, but besides that, I would guess that for most Corax it isn't a priority to bring their relatives into the fold in the forst place. Sure, turning a Kin to Corax is easier than a random human, but then again the older Breedbook stated, that after the Egg hatches, the new-Corax would be left with minimum guidance for a year to experience all for himself at the beginning of his "career". A behaviour that seems less-likely to occur, when the new Corax already has knowledge about being a Corax from a kin-perspective.


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            Well page 21 of the Corax book does mention that the spirit eggs are bound to a baby or a chick, and that the spirit egg takes years to fully crack as the Corax to be gets a "time release" fusion with its spirit half.