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  • Softwere-How to?

    Hello everyone, something I've been talking about with my ST has us both kinda confused, how do I make a softwere fetish/talen? Since a program isn't as tangible as say a sword how do I convince a spirit to enter the program, etc. Same with Awakening a spirit of a program I wrote.

    Any experience and advice?

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    I would rule that a spirit needs a physical home in order for it to fuel a fetish. A spirit can't inhabit a "story", but it could inhabit a specific book. So it can't inhabit software, but it could inhabit a USB drive, a CD-ROM, or similar. That would mean the fetish's powers are likely only able to affect a computer or network while that storage medium is connected to that.

    Likewise, I would not allow the Rite of Awakening to awaken software anymore than I would it allow to awaken a "story." But I would allow it to awaken the spirit of a specific book that contains that story, and awaken the storage device that contained that software.


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      There are software Fetishes (I know 2 of them).

      I think composing them would could be done in the Cyber Realm's Computer Web. Or from it.