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Boli Zouhisze what do we know about them?

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  • Boli Zouhisze what do we know about them?

    The GW revised book is rather sparse on them, is there any details that got developed in other books especially the w20 line?

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    Page 505 of the W20 Core book has a small write up on them. Its still pretty sparse and their is a sub-section on their gifts in there as well.


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      If I remember correctly, they are first mentioned and discussed in the Book of Caerns. The material is old, but may worth a look.


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        We know that the original way that they were Romanized all the way back in first edition with Caerns: Places of Power was Boli Zousizhe. This more or less matches the hanzi 玻璃走私者, for "Glass Smugglers".The bits about the Glass Walkers in Caerns assume that they're pretty much normal Glass Walkers and not necessarily a distinct offshoot, though, which seems to be a different presentation than what later material tried to construct. There were distinct regional happenings that drove their modernization in the early 20th century, but in the end, they reached about the same point. Camps didn't seem quite as distinct in the writeup of the Council For Universal Trade, notably; changes were presented as a kind of social movement in the entirety of the tribe in the region.