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Warwolves in play.

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  • Warwolves in play.

    Have been thinking ideas on a story arc on warwolves

    Im trying in a Kinfolk: a breed Apart game to bring in a solo Warwolf for a surprise attack.

    also want to hint to players to carry silver Bullets in advance but not sure how to do so...
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    Uh... you want to surprise them but you also want them to be prepared for said surprise via silver bullets?

    Not impossible, l guess. Maybe they find a slain werewolf hunter who had a few silver bullets on them. Seems a bit contrived but the alternative is letting them know there is a lycanthropic beast around (through hints like shifting paw prints and the like) and they better arm up.


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      ideas how to justify a solo Warwolf?

      one idea is that news comes in that a pack was recently destroyed but theirs indications their may be a survivor?

      would also hopefully justify asking kin to carry firearms.


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        First - Work out why the War-wolf is on the prowl - escaped from a Pentex facility/ while in transit/while on duty.

        Foreshadowing the encounter -
        - Van busted open and wild dogs on the lose attacking people?
        - another kinfolk been killed and mostly eaten by what looks like Wolf or Crinos teeth. They should assume BSDs.

        Why should they have Silver? That depends on the Characters themselves. Personally, I think Kinfolk should try to be armed with Silver Bullets handy whenever possible.
        Maybe their main contact to the Sept is worried about Kin being attacked, so gives them guns to fend off the BSD and to run and call for help?


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          Escaped Warwolf, Animal Attacks rumored around town; not normal humans but kinfolk, 1 low ranking garou already injured in a fight with another wyrm tainted garou(?) in proximity to the caern but it escaped. Your kinfolk are out and about, and they find the body(ies) of pentex employee(s). On the body(ies) they find weapons and ammunition, the ammo is silver as they were sent in to retrieve the Warwolf before to much more exposure with the locals. Your players hear something not far away. They have a moment to arm up or they have a bad day. Hopefully they have firearms skills.


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            oh? Another thing? Would it be much of a stretch to have them heal as Garou, without the gift combat healing, not as The formori power.


            to have to roll to regenerate lethal?