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How do you play Spirits?

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  • How do you play Spirits?

    I'm curious as to how different groups, particularly ST roleplay spirits and their interactions with Garou

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    Uh... that is a very open ended question, kind of like saying how do we run humans in our games. Are you wanting advice on particular spirits or how to run a pack or tribal totem or...?

    Also, have taken a look at Axis Mundi, the book of spirits?


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      I was more curious about how people treat them, are they mysterious or are they more personable? Are they alien or do they understand human morality? I was curious about that kind of stuff


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        All of the above? It depends on the spirit. Ancestor spirits are going to be more personable and understanding of human social stuff, while an earth elemental is going to be operating on a very different way of thinking.


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          I work best with examples so I am going to give you some of the ones I've used in my campaign.
          Disclaimer, I am a novice ST so my way may be ""wrong""

          A car spirit that my players awakened: It was the spirit of a well cared car (repaired and taken cared regularly) and the owners work depend on it, so it had a nice spiritual imprint. The spirit understood human needs, the concept of distance and had knowledge of driving laws (which gave my players some problems), anything else it didn't understand.

          A guardian dog spirit that protected a village: Almost human regarding communication because it had been in the village for ages, getting an understanding of human way of living. Still instincts > logic for the most part.

          A Forest fire spirit: Very basic interaction, only a sense of "where", vegetation , pain and fire. Anything else was alien to it.