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Making a Mage Kinfolk PC?

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  • Making a Mage Kinfolk PC?

    Just wondering at the viability of this and how to make it work within a group without clashing too much. This is for a Dark Ages game at that, some focus on the aspects of survivalism and the like, and some traditional Werewolf focuses. We were discussing a few different game ideas, one being Sorcerer's Crusade, the other being Dark Ages Werewolf, with Sorcerer's Crusade being discussed first. It ended up being decided that Werewolf was preferred, and I was okay with this, although I griped a little with a comment of "And I really liked my concept too." All of this is to say that my ST responded by saying that if I could make the concept work and didn't make the gameplay unfun, he'd be willing to allow a Mage Kinfolk into his DA Werewolf game.

    I suppose I put all of the above because I didn't want to be immediately labeled as "that guy" or something, but I might still be "that guy". That's okay, but I was trying to avoid the distinction. The group presently consists of a Silver Fang Ahroun, a Shadow Lord Ragabash, a Bone Gnawer (Undecided), and a Fianna Theurge. The character would likely be someone who was Heremetic but couldn't reconcile the whole experience of their methods with his roots, making the more of an Oprhan now, so as to avoid that knee-jerk reaction I'm expecting of "But Heremetics are Kill on Sight by Garou" that might exist. I just like the flavoring of the Hermetic Paradigm. Alternatively I would got for a Dreamspeaker or Verbana, if this is entirely untenable. I had a concept for each in mind, but wanted to get input and insight from others on both the viability of this, and what ways I should proceed with it to make it work best overall. Thanks for any and all input.

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    If the game is Dark Ages, are you using Dark Age:Mage then? I've played a Mage in that system before and it went well especially with the lack of advanced Magi Ascension mumbo jumbo since reality isn't as concrete yet. Masons are just beginning their rise to power, Bygones don't need to hide in fear of Paradox, and the Gauntlet isn't as strong.

    If you do use DA Mage then I'd suggest Spirit Talkers, or possibly as you mentioned above someone who began as a Hermetic and couldn't reconcile with their 'we can catalog and identify all creatures and phenomena. He could look to the other Paths as a way to expand horizon.

    If you take the Hermetic option this is something I played, I was a Warder kinfolk who was separated from his clan at an early age. Between magical blood and the adoption in hopes of training him as a censor, at some point he Awoke and was more Spirit Talker than Hermetic but his imstructor/owner preferred hammering Hermetic teachings into his head. We also had a Bygone Wolf kinfolk in the group who had come from a Hermetics private zoo. The group had a few Garou in it and three human and one Wolf kinfolk.


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      I believe we will be making use of Dark Ages Mage, yes. I suggested Heremetic because I like the symbolism and flavor and style they have, and while it's true that their paradigm might be one that struggles to blend well with the Garou, I do wonder if someone from house Ex Miscellanea would work to justify a more spiritual or visceral take on things, one that aligns more with the "Gaian" worldview. I'm sort of operating under the assumption that a view point of directed will and force, of dominating and subjugating the world for your purposes is not something the Garou strictly oppose in and of itself, seeing as they have, in the past, tried to cull, subjugate and control human populations, do it now for their Kinfolk, and have engaged in more than one War of Rage in an attempt to cull their fellow changers and take on their roles themselves. It just needs to be control and subjugation in a way that aligns with what they see as acceptable and in line with the Will of Gaia. I think?


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        Let me ask this then, what Tribe does your kinfolk descend from? Hermetics tend to just grab possible apprentices, the trials you go through to get accepted can result in your death. The Hermetic Code also has the problem of in the first line you are bound in loyalty to the Houses of Hermes, their allies are your allies and their enemies are your enemies. So what happens when the Order begin to view your Kin as a threat? Also any action that can be deemed to harm the order can backfire against you such as telling your kin that a Cray is in the possession of the Order and sits on the ruins of a old Caern, if you're Tradition bound old friends find out they can and probably will drag you before a council to be tried for the breaking of an sacred oath. Oaths will always be a pain.

        I can possibly dig up some more later, I probably can find my notes for DA:M/W I wrote for a game I planned to run. I will say Spirit Talkers are most aligned to the Gaian World View, the Old Faith can mesh as well and the Messianic Voice might have trained Kinfolk unknowingly.


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          Spirit-Talker, Old Faith or Valderman (if Norse), would be the most likely choices as they follow the Old Ways. If of Muslim/Arabic/Egyptian background, Ahl-i-Batin could also be a possibility.

          Project consolidation:
          Rough Draft: Dhole Shifters, Ottawa By Night, Tribebook Bunyip, Garou Variant
          In redaction: Lasombra Bloodline


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            Originally posted by Boneguard View Post
            Spirit-Talker, Old Faith or Valderman (if Norse), would be the most likely choices as they follow the Old Ways. If of Muslim/Arabic/Egyptian background, Ahl-i-Batin could also be a possibility.

            aren't walderman in even worse relations with werewolves then hermetics?