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    Hey all, so I’ve grown up around RPG’s, my Dad played a ton of VtM when he was younger, and I always wanted to play them as a kid. I started playing the last couple of years, and specifically started Storytelling. I’m loving it so far, but as I’m still relatively inexperienced I always love to ask advice. Normally I would ask my Dad, but he’s currently a player in the game I’m running, so I can’t really ask him. I’ve been struggling with an idea with my villains, and my pacing as far as things affecting my characters. I started it pretty vanilla, created some werewolves who live in a caern in Washington state. The players made their characters, were brought there, and sent on their rite of passage. Although their rite was pretty uneventful in a literal sense, it ended with them finding the Metis child of the pack elder, Adrian. Obviously this is a big no no, and Adrian is exiled while the child is killed. The man who replaces Adrian, Verknir, is kind of a massive douchebag. Those two characters are really who I’ve fleshed out as villains. My main problem is that I really want my characters to be emotionally invested in the story, as well as kind of have to be independent. I don’t really want them to come to their pack alpha every time they’re in trouble. So my plan next session was to have Adrian come back, after walking the Black Spiral in despair at his child being killed and him being exiled, to the caern and wipe it out with the help of Black Spirals. My worry is that Verknir would kind of have to die, and he makes a good minor antagonist for my characters. He’s the current pack alpha, and I don’t really like the idea of him being a traitor, as it’s kind of redundant with Adrian also becoming a traitor. I’m also kind of worried at such a big change, as well as if it’s too soon for such a big change. I just wanted some advice on how anyone thinks about continuing the story, as well as anybody’s experiences with villains generally. Thanks!

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    Well, even though he was a metis, Gaia needs all of her Warriors. How do the players feel about causing the death of an innocent child who could have redeemed himself/herself in the fight against the Wyrm.

    start slow, have Adrian slowly fall into Hanaro, have the players catch a glimpse of him at the edge of the territory every so often. Establish the presence of a nearby, but undiscovered, Wyrm "nexus". Build on both of these elements, maybe stage a failed BSD raid, before having Adrian Dance the Spiral and obliterate the caern.

    Have Verknir be distant or play favorite with a local pack, create friction...not enough to force them to leave, but enough to get them to take initiative and try to outdo the other pack to get the praise. Maybe give them an ally with an Elder Philodox or Elder Theurge. Make Verknir THAT boss, the one whom everyone hates because he is incompetent/out of his depth, so, everyone nods and smile to what he says and then do things their way anyway as it is better.
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      Awesome, that’s helps a lot. I was a little shocked when they wanted to kill it. It was good rp though, otherwise I probably would have hit them pretty hard with a punishment. Most of my players come from tribes like the Fianna, so they REALLY don’t like Metis