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Pure breed and spirit heretige

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  • Pure breed and spirit heretige

    I was thinking of combining these two backgrounds with "pure breed" being a matter of closeness to your tribal totem, would this break anything?

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    Mechanicaly? Nothing, except the players would receive two goodies for one dollar.

    Fluff-wise? The Spirit Heritage is NOT (neccessary) related to the Tribal Totem. A Get could have heritage of banes (Jöttün-tainted bloodline who fights his own beeing), a BSD ancient Gaian ancestors (who uses the innate connection to trap those spirits and mold them to Banes).

    It you make the SH exclusively tied to the Totem, these options are out of the window, and could make fostering a bigger problem.


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      I believe there was the idea of Wendigo Pure Breed making one more closely resemble their totem, so white hair and what not. But besides that yeah I have them separate so I can have things like a fiery redhead who likes to burn things and turns out her dad wasn't the milkman but a Fire Elemental her garou mom banged.


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        I was thinking of making PB a subset of SH. Like random Get might have strong Fire Drake SH but he also might instead have Get SH. The Tribes that don't have PB would generally be because their Totem isn't into SH, Essentially it would mean you have to pick between the two options.


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          I think borrowing a page from NWoD's book would be good here. Because each tribe seems to have a different take on what PureBreed is, which is sensible.

          So how about a Merit: Purebreed-Tribe? With each having its own benefits and drawbacks. Like Silver Fang would be Leadership boost, but come with a flaw,etc?

          My gallery.


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            one thing I was not sure about...are we talking just spirits properly or would something like SH (Faerie) work? I'm thinking about the Fianna's relation with the Fae, for example.
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