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Players Guide to the Changing Breeds: Mokole NPC creation

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  • Players Guide to the Changing Breeds: Mokole NPC creation

    Rule question: Says here that they get Archid characteristics equal to Gnosis. And that some where specifically listed may be purchased multiple times. But in the little table on page 116 none of them say you can take them multiple times.

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    It was actually like that in Revised with PGttCB, too. Armor, Behemoth, Fire Breath and Tall are generally held to be the only ones, going off of past editions and context clues.


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      The original breed book list mentioned Armor, Color Change, Extra Limbs, Huge Size, Long Tongue, Multiple Heads (yes, you read that correctly), Poison Sacs, and Sacral Plexus (a stegosaurus-style "second brain") as being able to be purchased more than once.

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