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  • Black Spiral Dancer question

    I'm designing a BBEG. Can spirals be infected with bane spirits like fomori?

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    As W20's Book of the Wyrm says, fomori are considered the lowest servants of the Wyrm. Some BSDs may consider letting a Bane infect them but to most a Fomor is nothing more but cannon fodder and thus they abhor the idea of being infected.
    Banes normally know better as to infect a BSD if they are not invited because they know how well armed Werewolfes are to deal with spirits.


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      That said, high level BSD Gifts and rites can often do better than what fomori can do - it'd be perfectly within the bounds of canon for a Black Spiral BBEG to have a Gift to assume some powerful avatar form based on their Bane-Totem, if physical mutations to be more like a spirit-monster are what you're asking for.

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        My very first game I ran ages ago with the coming of Revised involved a backstory of their Caern have a big war with a local Hive that ended with fighting a Nexus Crawler and the BSD's head Theurge binding some ancestor spirits and Banes into himself to die fighting as a seigemonster. Essentially in most situations where a BSD would be possessed by Banes I see it as a kamikaze tactic. They aren't becoming canon fodder so much as becoming a one wolf siege engine. Also their are unique situations were they can become reborn as Ferectoi, like being eaten and crapped out by Grandmaw Thunderwyrm, this originally I believe was supposed to be how Zhyzak got superstrength, I think they retconned it later to being the Green Dragon Blessing her.

        Also there used to be an Elder BSD gift that was Avatar of the Wyrm were you become essentially a boss fight. Zhyzak used to have it.

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          Good suggestions here- Rite of the Flayed God from BotW20 is another way of gifting weird powers to Whippoorwill's bastards.

          Also, the possession could happen as a sort of 'stage 2' fight; once you villain lies dying, a powerful bane could take the opportunity to hijack the broken meat puppet and use the body for its own destructive ends.


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            arent Enticer's and Toad's Given a bit of extra esteem?


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              I found the bsd gift to go saiyan mode. Didn't know about the retcon.
              I'll take this all as good advice. I'll consider this more.