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  • Pack Question

    hi i was recently informed about something called pack initiative where pack members follow similar initiatives or something along the lines of that
    i tried looking for it in the book and could only find stuff related to pack traits and individual traits
    does such a thing exist? if so can you explain it to me, perhaps with reference? thanks

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    Yep, in the W20 Core Rulebook; pg 267.

    It's an optional rule. If the Pack (who are binded by a Totem) agrees the Alpha rolls initiative, everybody acts determined by it, in order of Dexterity.


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      alright and how does it reflect when it comes to fighting enemies for that matter, so i can understand it better

      scenario where a pack (2) versus a couple hunters (3)
      alpha rolls 18 on initative and the hunters are 14-12-10
      does the second wolf also work as 18 in initative and acting before the hunters without an individual roll?


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        Jep. The other wolves act in order of their reversed dex. Dex 5. - First; Dex 3 - Second; Dex 2 - Third, but before the hunters.

        But it sucks when the enemy's Initiative is higher than the Alpha's.


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          thanks man