The Mine’s About to Run Dry

Purgatory’s mine is about to run dry and the residents of the town are starting to skeedaddle.
Making things worse, the miners trying to eke the last of the ore out are dying. What is killing
them? Why aren’t the Garou of Purgatory doing anything about it? Hitch your horse up and
we’ll tell you more.

Inside, you’ll find: A Wyld West story that you can use in the location that best fits your
chronicle design. You’ve got a story hooks, characters, and options to run this tale how you
see fit. • Compelling details about Purgatory

• Character Details for the Major NPCs of Purgatory
• A story that is a great lead in for a chronicle concept

This is a Pay What You Want Supplement to Welcome to Purgatory. You’ll find details for Native American NPCs that could be located in the Joplin area of Missouri.