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Advice for a first-time storyteller with first-time players

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    Originally posted by Lyrics Of War View Post
    I feel like you lot have simply taken it too far. Ones born of wolves, so their family is wolves, ones born of humans so family is humans, and one is a freak that shouldn’t exist (I’m kidding.......... maybe).

    Y’all act like that means there should be sexual relations which isn’t at all what I’ve read werewolf to be about (beyond the black spiral game I ran).
    Sick bastard !

    [QUOTE=Lyrics Of War;n1236699]IThat’s more down time than anything else, and I dunno how much free time garou have to be bumping uglies.

    Originally posted by Lyrics Of War View Post
    Pretty sure it’s 99% a non issue.
    Depends on the style and ST. There are tons of mentioned Themes. Everybody can choose.

    I had hours of play trying to reintegrate a sexual attack survivor into her normal life (was a Kinfolk) or try to enstablish a hospital for the poor in the Victorian Era. Other STs just kill such a great RP opportinity with: Jeh, jeh, you helped the girl, she is fine, and nooow: THE BLACK SPIRAL DANCERS IN NUMBERS JUMP OUT FROM THE SEVERS! ROLL FOR INITIATIVE!

    But, yeh, Apocalipse draws near and not your response in your pants to wolves should be the central topic of the games.


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      At the end of the day, that stuff shouldn't matter at all. But being aware that some people -might- freak out about it is good. Even if the game is a fantasy game, even if it makes sense in setting.

      Same goes with different ways people have houseruled WtA. The way you understand the game can be wildly different from the way someone else does. I ran into a RP log detailing the difference between a Deed Name and a Rite Name for garou, for example. Which is entirely a houserule. Same with shifting to birth form while you sleep. But people will still hold these as canon, because that is how they learned the game.

      My gallery.


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        I'd strongly advise everyone that certain character traits should be controlled by the players rather than driven by the storyteller. The PCs' sexual urges are definitely among those traits. The NPCs' sexual urges might be something a storyteller includes in the game, but be super careful with that stuff, as well as with real-life politics and religion, until you really know your players. It would be extremely disappointing if the storyteller accidentally drove one or more players away from the table by forcing them to confront real-life junk when they're diving into this fantasy world to take a break from it.

        Now if one of your players decides to explore something taboo like breeding with the other breed, and none of the other players responds with serious revulsion, you could allow them to explore it, but be sure the player knows what kind of challenges his character will face. For example, wolves aren't as continually randy as humans tend to be, and it'll take more than a little work for a homid to convince a natural wolf to form a mating pair. Even if the wolf is kinfolk, and "the curse" isn't an obstacle, homids are probably going to seem like weirdos to wolves in the same way that lupus seem like weirdos to humans. If you don't have much primal urge, and you don't spend a lot of time living "as a wolf" in the wild, the potential mate is probably going to reject you.