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What mechanics should look like For joining a pack, courting, etc

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  • What mechanics should look like For joining a pack, courting, etc

    what dice rolls should be used for such things?

    to influence an NPC wolf, convince them to let you join their pack, or convince them to join yours.

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    Some things are better off being roleplayed... but what dice pools do you think would be relevant? Charisma? Etiquette? Primal Urge? Any or all of those might be a handy way to let the dice influence what is being said.


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      Primal urge maybe expression leadership intimidation or subterfuge but not ettiquite.

      no idea on attributes.


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        There are multiple combinations that would make sense depending on the approach. Charisma or Manipulation are the most likely attributes, but even Intelligence might be used if you are trying to use logic and rational thinking towards a Garou that is highly rational (which will not be many). Primal Urge and Leadership make the most sense in terms of abilities, but etiquette, intimidation, and subterfuge could also work. Etiquette is the default ability for certain types of diplomacy and could play a roll.

        As an ST, most likely this is not something I'd allow one roll to do. But an Extended challenge which has multiple stages, like a seduction, (and using multiple Abilities for each stage) is something I might allow. Joining a pack, choosing a mate (as opposed to a fling), or other decision with long term consequences might take place over many weeks or even months.

        Generally though I'd call for more roleplaying and less dice rolling. If the strategy or tactics to convince the NPC to join them is not compelling, I'd not even call for a roll. I'd just say sorry, and deny it. If their tactics are compelling, and if I wanted to allow it, then I might proceed to some dice rolling.

        I'd almost never allow an NPC to join a PC pack because it simply puts too much effort on the ST. ST has enough to do roleplaying antagonists and supporting characters that an NPC "hero" is too much additional work. If I wanted a close NPC associate that the party could talk to, I'd use someone more like a Mentor or Ally who has some other role in the sept and couldn't be around for the actual adventures.


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          was thinking dealing with WOLVES sorry, not garou.