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  • Questions about playing Corax

    It’s been about 5 years since I played a tabletop RPG. It was my first and only time, a Borderlands game made with the Savage Lands system. It was fun, but I figured tabletop RPGs weren’t entirely my thing. I still had friends who played VtM, among other games, but I was never into it.

    Fast forward to a month and a half ago when I finish playing Vampire: the Masquerade: Bloodlines. I get really interested in the cosmology, and stumbled upon the Corax. Bird shifters who are sneaky, chatty, and cleverly tricky? They seem like my perfect tabletop RPG character wrapped up in a nice egg! So I bought the Corax book, did some research on the basics of the game, and figured i’d ask questions here and try to get my feet wet in the WoD!

    1: In the sourcebook, they give an example of Raina drinking from the left eye of a person, and seeing the frightening details of the victim’s death. However, they never really give an example of what happens when you drink from the right. I get the sense that drinking from either eye lets you see memories of the dead person, mostly ones from right before they died (though the whole bit about hopes and dreams makes you figure they must get some kind of overall sense of the person’s life). So what exactly DO you see when you drink from the right eye?

    2: I know getting a breedbook before getting the WtA revised sourcebook must raise an eyebrow or two, because at least one of the people at the table needs one, and i’m guessing it’s recomended thateveryone have one? With that said, i’ve already heard that, while Corax tend to work better with Garou than most other Fera, playing a Tengu among other Hengeyokai is the most likely kind of game i’ll end up playing (because as interesting as the Garou truly are, many people like playing Fera for their own unique aspects, myself included, though I wouldn’t mind playing Garou as well!) Should I wait to see if I should buy the Hengeyokai book instead of the WtA corebook? I intend to get both eventually, but how much do I need either?

    3:How does stamina influence flight? I know that if you wanna fly a marathon, you need stamina to keep flying, but how important is it to have 2 dots in stamina instead of three?

    4: Since Corax rarely use their Crinos form (and even call it “Rara Avis” as a joke), to the point where some Garou mistake it for some Wyrm-creature, would it make sense as a house-ruling to require only one success to get from Homid to Corvid and vice-versa, but always require two for Crinos?

    5: This is more me overly loving how aspects of the Fera reflect real life, but to my knowledge, ravens have a great sense of smell (gotta find that carrion!), and birds tend to have relatively sensitive lungs, so would another good house-rule be to give corvid and crinos form Corax a better sense of smell, but give them a higher sensitivity to gases?

    Thank you so much for your help! Hopefully i’ll become a helpful member of this community in time myself!

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    Breedbook. That's not good. :/

    You are referencing the WtA rev. book so i guess you know there are several editions of Werewolf.
    The breedbooks were made for the second edition. There was a Changing Breeds book - with all fera - for the rev. edition.

    And on top of all: There was the newest Werewolf 20th Anniversary Edition (W20) and with it a Changing Breeds 20th Anniversary (CB20) book.
    It's all a little more streamlined and not free of rule inconsistencies but imho -way- better than the editions before. The old breedbooks are still pretty useful for the lore and all but i would highly recommend to step away from the rule sections.
    For example in W20 you don't need a success on the Stam+Prim roll to initiate shapeshift anymore. You change one form per success.
    So you wouldn't need a house rule because you only need one success from homid to crinos with Corax.

    But this is just one example.

    I can't really help you with those other rules questions because it's was really long ago I played rev. but all I can do is to advice you to speak to your group about a rules upgrade to W20 core.
    Fera do benefit greatly from this in my opinion. Rev. + Breedbook and even rev. + old CB is something I just can't recommend for playing fera.


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      Ahhh, I see. So I should probably get the revised changing breeds book? How in depth does it go with all of the changing breeds? I love what's in the Corax book, but if revised truly is better, so long as the Corax are still mostly what they always have been, then I can get revised books!

      Also, while needing one less success helps, I still can't help but feel it's kind of silly that Corax find it easier to shift into a form they rarely use than it is to shift between the two forms they use 90% of the time. Sure, Crinos is more anatomically similar to homid and corvid form than they are to each other, but i'd imagine the sheer number of times a Corax skips Crinos would give them enough practice to make that moot, while being out of practice shifting to Crinos would make it harder than a normal shift. I suppose that since Crinos is required for emergencies, it's probably better for the Corax to use normal shifting rules, but I can't help but feel it doesn't quite make sense.

      Also, I don't quite have a group yet, unfortunately. I'm hoping that as I continue to dip my feet into the WoD waters, I can find a group to do an online game with.


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        I would recommend both the Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th anniversary edition core book and the Changing Breeds book for it, the hard copies carry a price tag but they are not small books. The PDFs you can get at a decent price well worth it for their content.