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New W20 Storyteller, Changing Ways or Book of the Wyrm?

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  • New W20 Storyteller, Changing Ways or Book of the Wyrm?

    I’m debating on W20 Changing Ways or W20 Book of the Wyrm to go with the core book. Im new to running Werewolf and was wondering which book would you get if you could only get one of those 2?

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    Does it have to be one of the two? Neither would be at the top of my list of W20 supplements for a new ST to WtA.

    Book of the Wyrm is probably going to serve you better because being able to run the game's biggest antagonists is pretty useful.

    Changing Ways has some good and useful stuff in it... and some weird stuff that's confusing to new STs.. and some really bad stuff. Unfortunately Changing Ways had some serious behind the scenes issues.


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      Of the two BotW for reasons outlined above.


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        Thanks for the input!


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          Book of the Wyrm, totally book of the wyrm


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            Are your married to those two books? If you are I would definitely say Book of the Wyrm. If you aren't I would humbly suggest the Werewolf Storytellers Handbook Revised for a new ST. When I first got into Werewolf this book just blasted me with inspiration.