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  • Sell me into the H3

    I'm writing a chronicle to my players and the H3 tribes look just silly to me, because they are heavy stereotyped: the Hippies (Children of Gaia), the Hackers (Glass Walkers), the Hobos (Bone Gnawers).

    What make them interesting and inspiring in a chronicle?

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    Um... not stereotyping them helps a lot?

    The Children of Gaia are kind of the toughest, because their Tribebooks have... well just been bad. The important thing to remember is that they are lot close to antifa than hippies, Which is to say they have some overlapping principles and their ideal world might not look that different, but their methods are extremely different. The CoGs are also extremely deft political actors in the Garou Nation. They have a significant interest in trying to guide humans to live better to reduce the power of the Wyrm and Weaver on them, but they also have to be extremely deft in getting other Garou on board. After the Silver Fangs and Shadowlords, the CoGs are one of the most influential Tribes on the larger political climate of the Garou Nation.

    The Glass Walkers are... well... not just hackers. They're the masters of the Weaver's tools to fight the Wyrm. They don't fear human progress, they believe that they can promote technology and science to get humans back into equilibrium with nature instead of trying to tear down human society. What the GWs value the most is being an innovator that shows the spark of the Wyld that is the beginning of all invention and progress, not who can pull the most clever hack of a Pentex website.

    The Bone Gnawers are survivors. They're not poor like most humans that are simply being crushed by a system that screws them (though most of their kin are, and they tend to grow up in that environment). Gnawers understand - in contrast to the GWs - that you can't fight the Wyrm from a skyscraper's window. They take up the worst territories, the least valued kin, the worst life styles, because it puts them in the trenches. They make sure the Wyrm gets fought by making sure there are Garou everywhere instead of just guarding Caerns off in the woods or in highly secure compounds. They're on the streets, noses to the ground, finding threats as fast as they come up.


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      It helps to move past stereotypes and into the archetypical.

      Children of Gaia aren't hippies, per say. They understand that they're Gaia's Fangs and that the sacred duty this entails means that violence and bloodshed is sometimes a tragic necessity. The tribe's shtick is that they want to reunite the Garou Nation back into a single ubertribe, with no tribal, sect or species related divisions to create conflict. They aren't pacifists. They just feel that fights between werewolves waste time and resources better needed to defend Gaia, and that at least some effort should be made to reform and heal their enemies before killing them. The tribe is a collection of idealists, political intriguers, leaders, and (in some cases) fanatics. They're one of the Garou Nation's three leadership tribes, along side the Silver Fangs and Shadow Lords (and the fallen Croatan), and are, in their own way, every bit as bossy, power hungry and pig-headed as the others. Their overarching theme is Unity, be it of the Garou Nation as a whole, the material and the spiritual, the conflicting instincts of human and wolf, humanity with Gaia, or the various polarities and frequencies of gender, race,
      religion, sexuality, etc. And I think this fits well with the game's ideas about trying to balance one's conflicting natures. (My go-to Child of Gaia character is an Ahroun martial artist "peaceful warrior" built around the concept that the only rational purpose for master violence is to abolish it, focusing on the role of protector and defender.)

      The Glasswalkers are sometimes hackers, but that's only a small part of the tribe. Their overarching theme is Progress, constantly looking for new and interesting human tools and concepts to use against the Wyrm and other enemies. They were originally the Warders of Man, tasked with watching over and trying to understand human civilization and society, and to this end they've always been fascinated with human knowledge and technology, from alchemy and the printing press to quantum mechanics and cybernetics. Their internal factions include everything from computer hacktivists, cyborgs and private military groups to organized crime syndicates, corporate big shots, and urban farmers. I like them because they're extremely versatile in a way that some of the other tribes aren't. (My go-to Glass Walker character is usually a Ragabash based on Tyler Durden from Fight Club.)

      The Bone Gnawers are, sort of, hobos. As Heavy Arms said, their overarching theme is Survival. They are Rat's Children, and like their patron, they survive in the harshest and most undesirable territories through sheer tenacity, stubbornness and just plain meanness. They have no desire to earn money or otherwise take part in the Weaver's economic webs, preferring to scrounge, steal or barter for whatever they need. They are given nothing but what they can take for themselves, and that's really the way they like it. They're as much spies, urban terrorists, and would be Robin Hoods as they are homeless street dwellers. I like them because I think their innate brutality works really well with the game's themes of savage horror. (I don't really have a go-to Bone Gnawer, but the last time I played one he was essentially Mad Max from the Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome.)

      What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
      Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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        With Bone Gnawers being Hobos, let us remember that most garou with Rage above 3 are essentially unable to hold jobs due to scary werewolf aura. Nevermind if they are lupus or metis.

        Bone Gnawers aren't the omega tribe due to lacking income, human housing or IDs.

        My gallery.


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          Bone Gnawers are my favourite tribe they combine the communal vibe of Ratkin with the hardcore survival drive of Rokea.


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            With the Children of Gaia, it is good to remember that they -know- most other tribes see them as weaklings, hippies and toothless. Instead of fighting this perception, they use it to their advantage. Who is going to suspect a Child of Gaia of any wrong doing?

            That is why they often take positions like Keeper of Land or Den Parent. Sure, they might SEEM thankless, but who controls the land or the minds of the youth, controls the sept.

            So a good Coggie antagonist is the one who never bares their teeth at you, but instead uses their wits to redirect you where they want you to be.

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              Thanks a bunch! Very inspiring.


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                Apologies, on my phone but here is my input.
                Children of Gaia: they aren't hippies they're diplomats running on the same white hot Rage other Garou must contend with. They walk a razor edge of trying to surpress their Rage among their own kind to forge alliances and then unleash all of their frustrations on creatures of the Wyrm, or anything foolish enough to get too entangled with the Destroyer the Children don't care.

                Glass Walkers: a tribe that could soon split. If an entire tribe fell to the Wyrm just imagine what an entire tribe falling to the Weaver would look like. On the other hand you have a tribe that understands claws and fangs aren't enough to save Gaia and that the Weaver's own tools can be used to save the Wyld. While other tribes shun the city, shun technology, and howl about the wretched state of the world the Glass Walkers are in the city (were the leaches and other Wyrm creatures thrive) and working over human economic systems to preserve wilderness and fund green energy.

                Bone Gnawers: money is a crutch, the Wyld thrives even in these Weaver infested cities, and to avoid these "scabs" is simply foolish. The Omega tribe are survivors and choose to live in what other Garou see as one of the most hostile environments for their race. They see the income inequality of the city and how it feeds the Wyrm and work towards alleviating this burden but showing the under privileged another way; suffering beside them in noble solidarity


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                  I don't agree with the depicting of the Children of Gaia written above. Sure, each individual can be bossy, pig-headed and power-hungry, the majority of the tribe don't hold that characteristics (as a side-note, neither do the Crow Shadowlords or the majority of Silverfangs, who are leaders to other tribes, but subordinate packmates and betas amongst Silverfang septs). And sure, there are Children of Gaia acting as diplomats, maybe more than any other tribe, but the average Child of Gaia still lives in a children of Gaia run sept.

                  With that, the Children of Gaia try to make an effort in preventive measures - getting rid of circumstances that would make it easier for wyrm spawn to integrate into human life and spread. They do so by propagating hope, by various means like teaching spirituality and skills that people might need to provide for themselves, creating communities that help each other out. Amongst the garou they try to do the same, with some social gifts providing an edge and countering there averagely low pure-breed. But sure, they also fight and kill. Mage describes them as the nicest werewolves, meaning that they will apologise that they felt it was necessary to rip your arms out, after having done that. VA:Werewolf tells us, that they made "Luna's Armor" a tribal gift when they had to handle themselves against the Assamites in their shared area of origin. With the rev. TB being bad at many points, it contained a idea that I liked very much. It stated that the tribes biggest mistake was to try to end the War of Rage. For time and time again they brought parties in conflict together to make peace and their Rage betrayed them, which lead to frenzy, destroyed trust, death and eventually escalation of the conflict that might have had ended a lot less grave if everyone had just minded their own business, like everyone was willing to to after the initial conflict. Back then they were a young tribe and were eager to force something that simply wasn't meant to be.

                  So, today the Children of Gaia might feel that a great coalition of the garou tribes and fera and such might be necessary or the world is doomed. And they might decide to force new alliances. Or they might not. For the Children of Gaia also are typically healers, having escalating healing gifts from Cliath to Adren rank.

                  That said, Children of Gaia are totally overpowered. Their gift catalogue is diverse like nothing else, granting them double Strength on damage rolles, the best soak gift, self-healing, faster running than any other being. Maybe that shows a bit how the authors didn't know what to do with them. And with their staff fighting and special rites that kind of enforce breaking the Litany I find that assessment cemented. Then again, I remember Ethan Skemp posting that the book went into print without editor supervision due to a deadline.

                  So, children of gaia are extremely versatile if you want a character concept. As a tribe they are hard to characterise.


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                    I didn't mean to depict them as power hungry but re-reading what I wrote I get that's how I accidentally portrayed it.

                    That said, totally agree with your point