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Which Umbra Book Should I Read?

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  • Which Umbra Book Should I Read?

    So my group is gearing up to play a mixed game of Classic World of Darkness, 3/5 of the group being Werewolf the Apocalypse characters, after having read about the Umbra from the Revised Source book for Werewolf the Apocalypse I want to do a lot of Umbra stuff, so I wanna read more about it.

    The obvious choice is Umbra (Revised) but I've heard good things about W20 Umbra: The Velvet Shadow and we are using some W20 influence too, we mainly settled on Revised because W20 hasn't fleshed out as much yet. There are even more Umbra books too, so I wanna know what you guys recommend as the best read for Umbra lore and mechanics and such.

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    W20 Umbra, in my opinion.

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      Umbra revised was a very important book for me, and one of my very favorite RPG books in general, I’m biased because I love it so much and it’s still viable. But W20 Umbra is also good and gives some alternatives. Some things are different, like the Serpent of Pangea is now a great winged dragon and I’m not keen on that. But both works. Also Rage Across the Heavena are also fun!

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        W20 Umbra is really damn good, but the Revised Edition one and Rage Across the Heavens are also worth your time


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          I highly recommend W20 Umbra: The Velvet Shadow and Rage Across the Heavens, really insightful.


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            Funilly enough I was already skimming Rage Across the Heavens, I found Speed of the Messenger from Mitanu a great level one gift for a Trance Runner Stargazer.

            Also I have bought W20 Umbra: The Velvet Shadow and begun reading it.