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Rank 2 Challenge Suggestions?

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  • Rank 2 Challenge Suggestions?

    So, my player's pack is hitting Rank 2 all around the same time and I need some suggestions for challenges suited for them and their environment.
    The game is set in New York City and the park are members of the Sept of the Green. Our pack consists of....
    Bone Gnawer Ragabash, Homid, frequently the voice of reason and scout. Player is wanting to take him in a Luke Cage, neighborhood/hometown hero direction
    Uktena Theurge, Lupus, picked up an interest in firearms, pack medic and still getting used to interacting with Urban spirits
    Glass Walker Philodox, Homid, gifted hacker, fond of explosives and triggering mass mayhem to cover the pack's activities. Has compromised POTUS's personal financial accounts and once gave NYC Emergency Services system an aneurism as a distraction
    Fianna Galliard, Lupus, well socialized in the Homid world by his mentor. Generally high spirited and curious. Particularly horrified by the Warm influenced human trafficking ring the pack just broke up
    Stargazer Ahroun, Homid, survivor of horrific religious upbringing, went through First Change during attempted exorcism, Ancestors Background, actual linage as yet unknown. After encounters with the Baali and Nephandi, wants to learn more about the other supernaturals in the WOD
    So, suggestions?

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    It's kind of hard to say because there's an important other factor:

    Who did they ask? When going for a Rank challenge, each character had to ask a higher Rank character (traditionally a Fostern for Rank 2 of the same Auspice as them) here. That NPC's own background, and opinion of the PC, are going to make a significant difference.

    For example, does the NPC the Philodox challenged think those methods are overboard and to prove themselves worthy of greater standing as a Philodox they need to learn more restraint and perspective on the harm they've caused to unintended bystanders? Or does the NPC approve of such monkey wrenching and will give a more perfunctory challenge for them to pass?

    And you don't have to make all of these choices yourself if you don't want. The PCs, given the Sept of the Green is on the larger side, probably have a few NPCs to pick from to either shop for a real challenge, or shop for an easier one as the NPCs seem inclined by reputation and opinion.

    There's also factors to consider like the Sept of the Green being a Caern of Fellowship with a Totem that promotes group actions, so the Sept is going to be, in general more inclined towards challenges that include an element of teamwork to accomplish over individual prowess.


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      Rank 2 is something all Garou achieve. It is simply accepting Garou as having proven they are mature adults in their society able to handle responsibility, unlike Rank 3 and above which is recognition of meritorious service. Thus while the Challenges for the higher ranks are open to failure - I feel the Rank 2 challenges should be fairly easy.

      The challenge usually needs to address their auspice role and prove they can fulfill it (although this could be substituted for something more appropriate for the sept's needs, or perhaps some aspect of Garou society that the Cliath is currently neglecting or not proficient in). So just to spitball potential ideas...

      Ragabash has to sneak into some guarded or monitored place without being seen and perform some kind of action there. Or has to complete some kind of follow-the-clues kind of game (set up by another Ragabash) in a limited amount of time. Or has to complete a scavenger hunt of selected items. Or gain information about a person of interest that the sept is curious about.

      Theurge has to make some kind of deal with a spirit for the benefit of the sept. Or create a certain number of Talens for the sept. Or interview local spirits to find out how they can improve the area around a Glen in a city park, or encourage more naturae spirits to enter the city. Or assist/teach some other sept member so they can better interact with the Umbra and spirits (help them increase their Gnosis, or general knowledge of the Umbra). Explore a local Domain in the Penumbra and report back what they witnessed.

      Philodox could be told to wander the sept for a month and enforce certain expectations of the sept's or his tribe's behavior (to get them aligned with "loyal service" to a sept or tribe). Or be the person the sept's members go to for the next month to adjudicate disputes, or resolve issues they have. Or to be the appointed cop/social worker for several kinfolk families known to have domestic disputes or other issues. In other words, put them in the position to caretake the local Garou community and apply the principles of the Litany, Garou justice, or improve social cohesion.

      Galliard could memorize existing tales of the sept's history to make sure they are preserved. Or compose a new one to cover recent activity, or a neglected aspect of the sept's history before the Garou who were there pass on. Or maybe travel to nearby local septs during their moots to share stories (not only passing on the tales of their own sept, but collecting news about the other septs in return). Or find some aspect of Garou heritage that has been neglected in the local area and do a project to revive it among the sept.

      Ahroun is probably to have a formal challenge duel with another ahroun of the aspect he wants to be. But it might also be some kind of physical challenge/athletic event/obstacle course to overcome. Or maybe display war leadership and tactics by organizing a bunch of cubs or non-martial, low-ranking Garou to perform some kind of activity that test their ability to coordinate, lead, or plan - like orchestrating a heist (does not need to be the actual crime, but plan one and then perform a run through), or "assaulting" an abandoned warehouse with the challenge giver narrating what obstacles happen along the way - so that the ahroun needs to make decisions on what to do, and get the others to follow the new improvised plan.

      Everything should be within the capabilities of the PCs. This isn't a time to really test what they are capable of. It is too confirm they have the mindset and interest to fulfill their duties to their auspice, sept, and tribe. Pick things not so much for the dice rolls to happen, but for the player to THINK and make decisions, or have an extended roleplaying scene where they can demonstrate what they've learned.

      All of Heavy Arm's comments are great too. Finding challenges that reveal aspects of the challenge giver's personality or role in the sept is good.

      I also recommend that your group talk about this OOC. The other players will have some good ideas, and it gets everyone into the mood of better understanding Garou society's needs.