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Tribes Books: 1st vs Revised

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    Thank you very much sir.


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      I’d have a more detailed write up but I need to get a new computer and I am only using my phone now.

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        Originally posted by Asmodai View Post

        I liked it, what was the story behind its writing?
        For whatever reason, the original contracted author couldn't/wouldn't turn in a manuscript, so Developer Ethan Skemp and Vampire Developer Rob Hatch had to write it at the last minute. Strangely, something similar happened with the first edition Euthanatos book for Mage, with Phil Brucato having to write most of the book with help from Kathleen Ryan. (I won a copy of Euthanatos in an AOL contest and Phil Brucato was nice enough to sign it for me, with a caption under the dead man on the Wheel of Fortune tarot card reading "This is what this book almost did to me.")

        The weird thing was that all of the other splat books dealing with groups who interacted with Wraiths were written by Developers. Justin Achilli, who'd just started as Dark Ages Developer, wrote the Giovanni and Cappadocian clan books, and Wraith Developer Richard Dansky wrote the Sluagh kith book and the Corax breed book. This lead to a minor joke that clearly Wraith had some sort of curse around it, requiring all those books to be written by a Developer.

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