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Silver Fang ceremonies

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  • Silver Fang ceremonies

    I need some ideas for ceremonies that would be performed daily at a mostly Silver Fang Sept. Not the type of Rite with real power behind it but simply the daily routine that showcases their traditions.

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    Greet the Sun isn't Silver Fang specific, but they're one of the Tribes that the minor rite is most popular among because of their connection to Helios. And as a minor rite it's not like it has a bunch of oomph with it. Bone Rhythms is common to all Garou, but it's an easy minor rite to customize to each Tribe as they honor their Tribal Totem/associated spirits.


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      Greeting the Sun is also the one thing that came to my mind first.

      Besides that, they might have dayly ritual, where at noon, before communal lunch, every member of the sept that is at the bawn gathering grounds (meaning, not on mission or guard duty) stands up, listens to a vow of commitment to Falcon and Gaia by the Sept leader (or Moon lodge Theurge, if the sept leader is absent) and the crowd answers - possibly with a "so say we all" (Galactica-style).


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        This image from the W20 Kinfolk book is a good visual inspiration, I think.