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    Originally posted by Asmodai View Post

    No, they heal much faster. You can get one health level per day of rest even in breed form.
    Exactly. Garou dropped to Incap from Lethal revert to breed form but, if they're lupus or homid, have an advanced form of healing that can keep them alive. It's not full regeneration, but it's significantly faster than humans, and they're not going to die from the Lethal like a human will, so if they can crawl off and hide, they have a chance of coming back. It's not one a day, though, it's one every 8 hours, until they regain consciousness and can shift to regenerate more swiftly. The book states they don't soak lethal in breed form, though that can be up to the ST, just as it states that in dramatic situations even humans can potentially.