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A funny little Rokea question

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  • A funny little Rokea question

    Well, technically not really a Rokea question but related
    More like a bit lore question, or your oppinion
    I know, I know there are a precious few Rokea fans out there.... but we are are there!
    My question is actually quite simple:

    Why Qyrl, the Tentacled One, want to close the Great Wound?

    She wounded Oversea (the sky) and opened the small wounds (stars) and the Great Wound (Sun) and kickstarted life on earth but... and Oversea threatened her, he will open fully the Great Wound on her if she ever go close to him again (when se planned to create creatures that can swin in oversea eg. fly - so while her sisters have flying childrens, she don't have any) - destroying Her
    But why Qyrl wants to close the Great Wound?
    She shown real remorse about wounding Oversea, so maybe to heal him,after all, the Great Wound pains Oversea greatly and only the Balm eases his pain...
    And she realised the Wound can't be closed from "outside" (Nightmare tried it, but the only result was a cute ice age) so now - after she noticed the similarity with the Great Wound) she tries to step inside a Small Wound (atomic blas, exploding atomic bomb) to close the Great Wound from inside...
    (And actually the only reason she is interested about nuclear weapons and testing, since she repsects her Mother, Sea, and these nuclear nightmares pains her too... more so, she summoned a ... thing, to soak up a great deal of radiation:

    Not heavily populated by man, these islands, including the Bikini and Enewetak atolls, were common testing grounds for Small Wounds for many years. Few Rokea were injured or killed as a result of the blasts, for we had learned to stay away, but we lost at least two Grottoes. The repeated assaults took their toll on the islands, however, finally culminating in the creation of the Unseen. No one is sure exactly when it happened, but finally the area's Soul, both Sea and Unsea, could withstand no more. They caught fire and continued burning for months. Both Sea and Unsea screamed in pain, and Qyrl answered. The Undersea cracked and the Unseen came forth. It soaked up all of the spirits created by the Small Wound, but then refused to leave. It still haunts the waters of the Central Pacific, as well as the Marshall Islands, soaking up the poison fires left behind by the Small Wounds. No Rokea has faced it and survived. We do not even know what it looks like, hence the name. It does not seem to be actively hunting us, thus far. If it decides to do so, however, it could well be the greatest threat we have ever faced.
    so she is not... that bad. )

    But why?
    Why Qyrl want to close the Great Wound?
    What do you think?

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    Wow... not the most popular area of wod, I know
    Don't be shy, dirtwalkers...
    Every theory is welcome!