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Klaive question of size

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  • Klaive question of size

    Hey guys.
    Does anyone have a klaive that they could measure for me? One of the official klaives would be good. My husband is looking to recreate one with foam and with metal. If someone could give me complete measurements I would be thrilled and grateful.


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    The official physical replica that was released is supposed to have a blade 18.5 inches long and a 1/4 inch thick, with a total length of 29 inches. There's lots of pictures of it online to recreate the details from. Though it seems fairly short compared to the ones in the books.


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      Just checking, do you own one? Or did you find this info somewhere?


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        I never owned one. My friend that used to own a FLGS got one back in the day and had the official blurb on it (most of his physical inventory is in storage so I wasn't going to ask him to dig it out), which we confirmed with online resources.


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          Is there anyone who does own one who might be willing to measure the widest part of the blade?


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            The replica made by WW is definitely shorter than the ones depicted in books, since they all seem to have a ratio of 1:3 between hilt and total length (and grand klaives are supposed to be even longer).

            If your goal is a foam weapon for cosplay or larp I'd suggest to scale the dimensions up a bit, keeping in mind your body size and strength (I mean, they must still be comfortable to wield); if your goal is to make a replica of the official one them I'm afraid I can't help you .-. It looks about a bit less than half of the handle, though... I'd say about 15 cm?


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              I do own the replica klaive from White Wolf, but I currently lack measuring tape....if no one else can measure that directly until then I can try to get around to it by Sunday


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                Awesome! I would appreciate it