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    I'm working on a WtA chronicle and I'm looking for inspiration for NPC packs. If you could write up your favorite packs (either player groups or NPC packs from chronicles you've played in) I would be very grateful. Doesn't matter where they are from or where the chronicle took place as I will only take inspiration from the packs and not copy/paste them as a whole into my chronicle.

    Just a short blurb of the members (Tribe/Breed/Auspice/Rank), their Totem, jobs/roles in the sept and their deeds would be really helpful and I would appriciate it alot.

    Thanks in advance.

    English is not my native language, so i apologize for errors in grammar or spelling.

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    Ural Storm Pack Members: Mary Raymond -Gaia's Jewel, Maikl De La Ruax - Agent of Shadows, Big Mother F@(^er Mary Raymond -Gaia's Jewel and Maikl De La Ruax - Agent of Shadows were my first pcs ever when I made my debute as a story teller, Mary is a Fianna Theurge and Maikl is a Shadow Lord Philodox. Mary had the least play time that's why she remained a Cliath while Maikl was a secret agent and had a more adventurous life that boasted him up to rank 3. Mary was lost to th Garou after being blood bonded by a Rutheless Ventrue ho used her a pleasure slave. She was freed from her bonds by a Silver Fang only to discover how inhuman and terrifying Garou Elders can be, the Elder Fang's cruelty shattered her sanity and was left to a Gnawer Caern in order to take care of her, later to be found by Maikl and Big Mother F@(^er. Maikl is actually Michael from 90's "la femme nikita'' at his Shadow Lord edition, his life was just that, missions, double agent for the Lords and plot twister. With minimal supernatural missions, mostly like an X-File episode. He went to the Gnawer Caern after hearing something about The Sabbath operations that killed two Glass Walkers. Big Mother F@(^er is a huge black Adren Gnawer Philodox that passed his time hunting thugs and monsters in the streets of London, he failed to protect his fellow garou during the Mithras incident and that made him to go down to alcohoolism and depression till he met Maikl who was hunting terrorists near Big Ben. Maikl beat sense inside Big Mother F@(^er's head and took him in his mission in secret, after that Maikl got a phone call about a Sabbath incident back in New York, Big Mother F@(^er grinned and slammed fist in palm ready to break heads. Pack Totem: Thunderbird

    Warpath Pack Totem: Typhon Members: White Fang, Kimiko Black Claw, Storm's First Child/ (Howls in the Storm) Kimiko Black Claw and White Fang used to be two Ahroun Characters from an old campaign it didn't go on, we managed to go till Rank 2 and these two were already too powerful for the Story Teller to handle (he was inexperienced on how garou can break ST's leash if kept unchecked) but they were cool characters so I kept them as npcs. Kimiko is a Japanese ninja Homid Shadow Lord, of perfect breeding. Not Hakken, Shadow Lord. She jouerneyed to europe in order to find her father's wereabouts when she met White Fang an Ahroun Lupus Silver Fang of perfect breeding with suicidal combat tendencies who was taken under the protective wing of Storm's First Child. Storm's First Child gave to the young warrior new horizons of true Glory hunting. Kimiko and White Fang don't get well together but at the same time they cooperate in great harmony and discipline when Gaia calls killing great monsters in the carpathian mountains, few garou could match to have slain with such a small number of a pack.

    Storm's First Child is actually Howls in the Storm, a Lupus Galliard Shadow Lord who took part in the War against the Hag of Russia and her Wyrm Army, he is the one who gave the final blow to a demon known as ''The Blood Angel'' taking revenge for all the garou spirits he has stolen for the Hag. In the end of this adventure he an his pack, the Scar Bringers fought agains the Hag herself in her cave, but after her death the cave collapsed upon him and he was lost to his pack. Only to ''being brought back to life'' by Typhon Himself, who named him ''Storm's First Child'' and champion of Typhon. By returning back to his Caern with loss of memory but guided by his new spirit patron Typhon became one of Grand Father Thunder's brood and the newly reborned Storm's First Child gained great renown and Rank among his Tribemates. In one of his journeys in order to create a new Typhon Pack he met a Battle crazy young Lupus Fang ho for some reason awakened in him a father's instinct, something from his long forgotten years in Russia and took him under his wing, Kimiko appeared shortly after. The quest of the pack is to spread the influence of Typhon among the Lord tribe and after that, the true challenge in the heart of Malpheas, where a blasphemy takes place.

    Star Walkers - Moon Chosen Pack Totem: Sokhta Members: Bloodslayer - Tears The Wyrms, Voice of the Fae Kin The creation of this pack is my version of Rage Across the Heavens, its the story of the Falcon that Shreds (Bloodslayer - Tears The Wyrms) and the Stag that Sings (Voice of the Fae Kin) as they fight a Stargazer at the thrall of the Wyrm, over a moonbridge that would take them to the Sept of the Stars, with a fluid pack tactic the two packmates to be managed to cast the Wyrm taken Gazer over the bridge only to make soon a marvelous discovery about what he left behind. The two wolf warriors travelled across the heavens in order to find out the true nature of their burden and seek guidance from the Patrons of the very Planets themselves, a trip that would bind them forever to the Stars. Voice of the Fae Kin is a Lupus Galliard Fiann who survived the combat with the Mithras mathuselah, his pack died in battle ith the wyrm and he was found unconcious with the ancient leeche's right arm between his jaws.Bloodslayer - Tears The Wyrms is a Lupus Ahroun Silver Fang ho killed his brother during their rite of passage, after that he was marked as a bad omen among his septmates, bearing the bad name of one of his ancestors ''Bloodslayer ''. But Gaia had other plans for this nearly fallen from grace warrior.
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      My Sept elders from my version of the Sept of the Green in NYC.

      Noble Graves. Deed name: Bragisen. Rank 5 Get of Fenris Galliard. Sept Warder. Had an epic tale of his entered into the Silver Record.

      Jonas Eld. Deed name: Footsteps of Thunder. Rank 5 Get of Fenris Ahroun. Master of Challenge. Council of Elders. Large size merit. Has the mark of Fenris as a blessing from his totem on his back in all forms.

      Sam Ashton. Deed name: Speaks with Gremlins. Rank 5 Glass Walker Theurge. Rite Master. Council of Elders. Convinced a Weaver spirit of the internet to give the Sept of the Green free, secure internet for the next 100 years.

      Fence Hopper. Rank 5 Bone Gnawer Ragabash. Lupus born. Gate Keeper. Council of Elders. Freed herself from an animal testing facility and killed many members of Pentex in the process. Has the best jokes. Never leaves the Sept without direct instruction from the Sept totem.

      Robin Gunner. Deed name: Moshpit. Rank 5 Bone Gnawer Ahroun. Keeper of the Land.

      Oleander Clearwater. Deed name: Bites Back. Rank 5 Child of Gaia Philodox. Council of Elders. Is a full time activist and part time environmental lawyer. Makes it her job to punish companies that pollute the water ways or ground around NYC.

      Alexandra Drago. Deed name: Sorrow Singer. Rank 5 Silver Fang Galliard. Council of Elders. First generation American of Russian decent. Gifted with prophecy.

      Pack name: Guardians of the Green. Pack totem: Great White Mouse