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Fera breeds and lifespan

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  • Fera breeds and lifespan

    I'm wondering about the natural life expectancy of each of the different types of Fera. Obviously most are going to be killed by external factors long before they would otherwise die of old age. But for the ones who aren't killed by violence, how long do they live?

    I know the Rokea stop aging at maturity, and the Kitsune lifespan increases with rank (up to immortality at the highest ranks). What about the others though? Are any other breeds immortal (unless killed)? I thought I read at some point that the Mokole were unaging like the Rokea, but now I can't seem to find any reference to their lifespans, so I might have just mixed them up at some point.

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    Zhong Lung Picked up practical immortality in cb20 with "spend a per gnosis, don't age for 12 years" other than that most Mokole live normal lives of course they can cheat by sleeping through centuries(same with Gurhal)

    Generally Fera start hitting middle age in their 60s-70s and that's what kills them but they could with some difficulty ready 200.


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      I have to assume, that because of the innate regenerative abilities the deafult lifespawn should be paralel to the Garou's.

      There are multiple Fera, who are able to lengthen their life:
      1) Ajaba: No specifics.
      2) Ananasi, if Ananasa is willing can, in Crawling form, with Burrowing Gift, burrow into a sleeping human's brain, eat it, change the brain into a spider-mass and hijack the body making them effectively immortal as long as they find a body to inhabit.
      3) Bastet can have Hedge Magic what (for example Alchemy) can make a beeing immortal/unaging. Also there is a Bubasti Level 6 Gift (The Fleeting Scarab) what incorporates the soul into a scarab what can possess beeing (with low WP.). They loose Gifts, but they retain memories.
      4) Corax: Donno.
      5) Gurahl can sleep for ages without suffering Aging. Their life functions are suspended, but with proper Rites they, at least can sense their surrondings.
      6) Mokoles have multiple Gifts and Rites what can help. They can hybernate themselves like Gurahl, or with one permanent Gnosis sacrifice get 10-12 years. NOTE: Rites can be cross-trained, so, if somebody could find a proper Mokole trainer could access such a Rite and live looooong. Good luck with that.
      7) Gain a rang, doubble the lifespawn. Profit. Also can access Hedge Magic and every Gift ever.
      8) Nagah: Also donno.
      9) Nuwisha: If they remain in the Umbra and have Ptah as a totem, they only in a very diminished rate. Note: It can be possible for other Fera to have Ptah as a totem and receive the same boon. Ptah favors Silent Striders in the Caern Wheel of Ptah.
      10) Ratkin: DON'T MESS WITH THE RATKIN!
      11) Rokea: Until you kill them, they will swim.

      An additional thought: If somebody could learn the (Unseele) Faery Kin Gift, it could help. Changelings easily craft immortality (& Bedlam) causing Treasures, and with the new Phoenix Fire they could live forever, except if Banality kick their *ss.
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